We recently had the opportunity to chat with ToyThug back in Issue 3 and as they are sponsoring May’s Word Of The Month competition then now is a great time to revisit that conversation to get the full picture of what they are all about.

We chat to Clint over at ToyThug to learn what his platform is all about.

“I’m Clint aka Brawnz one of the owners of Toy Thug. Toy Thug is a brand that caters to pop culture with a Golden Era Hip Hop influence. We have an online store that sells Toy Collectibles such as action figures, vinyl figures, and Designer Toys such as Quiccs along with some of our own products such as spoofed T-shirts. We have a mascot named Thugga, he’s a cute bear with a bandana.


Even though he’s cuddly he also has lil’gangsta in him. And that’s’ what Toy Thug is about lol, you can be a geek and be street smart and you can be into Marvel Legends and listen to Notorious B.I.G. That’s Toy Thug. Some of our customers collect other things like Sneakers, Streetwear brands you know Hype-beast stuff so we kind of aligned with them.


 What are the goals for the platform?

Our Goal is to become Millionaires! Jokes! We have other businesses that are successful. Toy Thug is a love project as we are into the Pop culture scene and Toy community. We know we’re not gonna be able to compete with the Big Box stores. We are into the culture and when we have a funny idea we want to share we’ll put it out in T-shirt form or whatever.

We also want to make Thugga come to life, we are looking for writers and toy designers to make it happen. We invested in a 3-D printer for prototyping and one-offs so if there are any designers out there hit us up! Toy Thug allows us to be really creative and that’s what so fun about our company. We are also starting up a pod-cast called Toy Thug Podcast. We will cover the Toy Scene whilst also movies, sports, music, sneakers. There are tons of Toy Podcasts out there and they are informative but sometimes boring so our goal is to be entertaining and informative so be on the look-out for that.

(Since this chat the ToyThug Podcast has gone from strength to strength and you find them at these two links so head over and give them a listen for yourself – its not something you’re going to regret!)
And for those on iOs

How do you incorporate Toy photography into your platform?


Toy Thug started off sharing dope and amazing photos of action figures on Instagram. As we gained more followers and shares we decided to do the business venture. We recently collaborated with @Sgtbananas for a giveaway of Tamashii Nations SandTrooper. He is one of the best in the game in Toy Photography. The ACBA community has been a big inspiration for us and for everyone else so hopefully we can collaborate with more amazing photographers in the game like them.

A huge thank you goes to ToyThug for sponsoring May’s Word Of The Month competition with an incredible prize consisting of 3 x 40th Anniversary Black Series figures. Be sure to head over to to keep up-to-date on all things ToyThug and follow them @toythug over on Insta.

Last modified: May 3, 2017

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