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Photographer Nick Wise has created an impressive shoot all based around his interpretation of the theme “The Companion” as he looks for this motif within some of the most popular characters in pop culture from Obi-Wan to Groot.

The Companion – An exclusive shoot from Nick Wise

I have my own thoughts and feelings toward the word “Companion.” To me it is anyone or anything that you rely on. Be it because you love them/it, you like spending time with them/it, or maybe your just a dynamic duo when you work together. The love I have for me wife and pets are completely different but I feel they are both Companions. Their Companion ship is different but they affect my life in a big way.  Now I will explain why chose the shots I did.

Companion 3

Rey and BB-8: I feel like the Companionship between these two fit so well. They were both looking for something. Rey was looking for a way out of Jakku and BB-8 was looking for Poe. They each relied on each other and not only did this make for great duo, but it helped tell the story.

While I do enjoy my Rey figure I don’t really enjoy the face sculpt. She works now and then for certain shots but the leg articulation is lacking and has limited posing. BB-8 is wonderful, I mean he is just a ball and has great head articulation. I recommend BB-8 but not Rey.

Companion 1


Han and Chewie


Companion 6

While Rey and BB-8 is a new found friendship, Han and Chewie go way back. I love how they feed off each other and help one another out of sticky situations. I kinda see them as one in the same, you can’t have one without the other. Sadly that will change in the Episode 8, we will see I guess.

Companion 7

The Han Solo Figure I have is the 40th anniversary figure and it is spectacular. The head sculpt has amazing likeness and the body/articulation is great. He has two extra swappable hands with gloves on them, which look great. I highly recommend this for toy photography/collecting. Chewie is alright but lacks articulation in the head and arms, and his Bowcaster is a pain in the butt to make him hold.

Luke and Ben Kenobi

Companion 4

This Companionship is different than the others. While the others we one who complimented the other this is more of a Master and Apprentice. Luke needed Ben Kenobi to help him find who he really was. Without knowing, Ben Kenobi had been there on Tatooine watching over Luke until the time came. Almost a secret companionship. Without Ben, Luke may have not been the Jedi he became.

Both of these figures are great I recommend them for any toy photographer/collectors. Obi-Wan’s face likeness is decent but Luke’s is a bit lacking. He looks a bit like he lost in a trance, but that is me being picky. They are only 6 inches, there is only so much room for detail.

Obi-Wan and his Lightsaber

Companion 8

The most iconic weapon of a Jedi is his/her lightsaber. It is more than just a weapon though. There is connection between saber and wielder. The crystal chooses its wielder and the color is said to represent the type of Jedi they are. You learn to use the lightsaber as if it part of you. Now to me that is some insane Companionship.

Now this is a Hot Toys Obi-Wan and since the main focus is on the lightsaber, ill focus on that. I mean look at it. Its impeccable. Hot Toys main focus is detail and they nailed it on this!! I highly recommend Hot Toys/Sideshow Collectibles for anyone!

Groot and Star-Lord’s Leg

Companion 2

From what saw in the first film Groot was very loyal to Rocket Racoon and grew thing of the Guardians as “We are Groot.” He protected everyone of them and risked his life to save them toward the end of the film. Now he is bit smaller and maybe looking for a lot more protection, and I’m sure he will get it. While all five of them are going to be very important Companions to one another, Im sure baby…infant…toddler Groot? I don’t know what he is but I do know he is a great Companion.

So I snagged the Toy R Us Groot about a week ago and I love it. While I love the full size Groot, the smaller Groot looked so adorable so I had to shoot him. Amazing quality for how small it and I highly recommend this as well..if you can find it for a decent price.


Nick Wise has really gone above and beyond for this themed shoot sharing an insight into his thought process for each shot and how they link back to his interpretation of the theme “The Companion”. Be sure to head over to Nick’s page on Instagram @mrlightvsdark to stay up-to-date on all his content and leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!

Last modified: May 3, 2017

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