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We checked in with March Word Of The Month Finalist Enrique Peral as he shares his passion for all things Marvel with an exclusive Star-Lord Marvel Legends shoot to celebrate the upcoming release of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2!

Exclusive Star-Lord Shoot for Marvel Legends Week
By Enrique Peral

My  name is Enrique and I live in Barcelona, Spain, but I’m not from here originally. My birth situation is quite complicated to explain. I was born and raised in Melilla, that’s a city in the North of Morocco, but it belongs to Spain. It’s like Gibraltar for the English. Yup, that’s the complicated part.

Star-Lord 02

So growing up there has a lot of limitations. We only have ONE cinema theater, ONE record store, and when I was younger, just ONE place to buy comic books. It was a small kiosk outside the park downtown. And it only sold DC Comics!

Star-Lord 03

So, it happened that I developed a huge fandom for the other company, Marvel, I think just because it was like the forbidden fruit, the difficult item to acquire, the one comic book company that didn’t arrive to my city. Every time one of my classmates traveled, I ask him if he could bring me some Marvel material. Of course, the DC Comics that actually arrived to Melilla, I bought them anyways.

But now I declare myself a huge Marvel fan. Mostly because of this I just told you. And nowadays the Marvel Cinematic Universe has hooked me up. I think that being themselves the ones in control of their own creations has given them the advantage, you know what I mean.

Star-Lord 04

So as you can imagine, I’m a Marvel collector, but I’ve only got two figures from the Marvel Legends Series: the Star-Lord you’re seeing here and a Civil War Captain America. So I tried to make the most of it. I’ve chosen the Peter Quill because of reasons. Here in Spain, the GotG, vol. 2 movie will premiere this very Friday the 28th (YAY!). And, it also happens that the GotG franchise is one of my favorites from all the MCC, so… OBVIOUSLY.

Star-Lord 05

But I digress, let’s talk about these figures. Right now they’re produced by Hasbro, and they stand 6’’ tall. So their scale goes pretty well for toy photography if you’re get used to other brands like Bandai and 1/12 scales. They have all kind of characters in production. So many that the hook they use for you to collect a specific series, is to include parts of a character in the blisters of their figures. They are very robust, so don’t be afraid to take them outside. Quite posable and detailed. And all this for a pretty fair price. They’re around 30€ in Spain. So they’re the cheap option if you can’t afford a SH Figuarts or Revoltech.

For this photo set, I’ve chosen several techniques. The digirama (featured here in the Exclu website), black backdrop and Photoshop backdrop. The camera I use is a Canon EOS 1200D, with a 50mm lens. I edit all my pics with PS, but I try to touch the settings the less possible. I just use it for cropping and effects. And mostly for cutting, the pen tool is my god. My favorite technique is shooting the figure with the proper light, cutting it in PS and then adding a backdrop. Usually, the majority of my ideas come from another photo I’ve seen that I can use as background.

So here’s my Star-Lord photo set for Exclu, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did shooting it. Thanks for reading, and thanks Jack and Lewis for this opportunity.

One massive thank you goes to Enrique for taking the time to create such incredible shots and for sharing insight into his own creative practise. Be sure to check out his full portfolio on Instagram @qluraqan and leave a comment below to let us know your favourite from the series.

Last modified: May 3, 2017

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