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We continue Lego Week as photographer @kaiyuanyao brings us his top picks as he rattles through his favourite images all focused around his favourite minifigs that have earned him the moniker of “The Stormtrooper Photographer”.

Im a senior advertising creative and a toy photographer with most of my ideas originating from the Stormtrooper’s of Star Wars,  and that is why people call me the “Stormtrooper photographer”.

This skateboard themed piece was captured on an iPhone. With only two Stormtroopers to work with at the time, I posed each in various suspended motions, photographed them respectively, then combined the images in post production editing. Skateboard.jpgThe process took quite a while. This is a favorite piece among my early works.

My first photograph featuring a league of Stormtroopers, including a 3.75” figure, in training session for the growing armed forces of the Empire. A Donut was placed to convey a lighthearted vibe.


My first work featuring Darth Vader. A symbol of Imperial authority, Vader dictates ownership of properties and assets. No opposition allowed! Vader excels at employing the use of the Force. Knights who only know swordplay certainly could not defeat him.


A Halloween themed piece where I  hand carved the pumpkin based on a Stormtrooper’s facial structure, as well as editing the image to create a haunted atmosphere.


Both images above feature a Valentine’s Day theme, while reflecting contrasting emotions in two different scenarios.


A Thanksgiving themed piece. In Star Wars, Stormtroopers do not have the Force, hence they need magic wands to make the food fly!


Last year, my city went through a snowless Christmas. I took this photo as a present for those friends who longed for the sight of snowfall.


Mid-Autumn Festival is a holiday time for family gatherings. Here we see Stormtroopers wearing jetpacks attempting to scoop up the moon, perhaps as a gift to the Empire.

Who knows?


It is a tradition to welcome the God of Wealth during Chinese New Year. I used red as the background colour in this image, as it symbolises prosperity in Chinese culture.

It is a tradition to light fireworks during Chinese New Year. When I was a child, I’d always look forward to the New Years, to wearing new clothes, enjoying holiday feasts, and best of all, lighting fireworks. This photo is a nostalgic tribute to the good old days. Light up those childhood memories!


In the midst of workday hustle, we find a Stormtrooper lounging on a sofa and enjoying music. Perhaps this could represent the desire in those of us trapped in crazy work schedules.


Taken in Pattaya, Thailand. The unexpected dreary weather gave me an idea for this photoshoot on the spot: dejected Stormtroopers returning to the shore after a bad fishing day.


This image was taken outdoors after adding lights to the mini car. I chose night time to minimise interference from the natural setting. This was a challenging photoshoot, since lighting could greatly affect image quality.


Taken as a promotional photo for a friend’s jewellery store. The once lonely Stormtrooper has finally found the love of his life. Congrats to this lucky fellow!

A feast of fresh fish for Stormtroopers, at last! As a side note, I upgraded my equipment to achieve better image quality and colour results.

A huge thank you to K for taking the time to share his top images with us and share his thoughts and backstory for each shot. Be sure to stay up-to-date on all this work over on Instagram via @kaiyuanyao and let us know your favourite below.

Last modified: May 3, 2017

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