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Continuing with our week long look at the world of designer toys , we turn out attention to Kidrobot’s Buck Wethers 8″ Dunny Vinyl figure designed by artist Amanda Visell. Full review and photoshoot in collaboration with Tenacious Toys.

The world of Designer Toys is run by the independent artists and creatives who use toys and physical figures as the medium to share their talent. This particular figure is the artistic child of creative Amanda Visell who uses the Dunny 8″ Vinyl figure as the basis for the design. The Dunny is a fantastic starting point allowing for a huge range of creatives to start from the same point leading to a collection of figures that are all equally unique.


Buck Wethers is a particularly characterful addition to the Dunny Collection – a Goat who has taken over the position thus donning the coveralls complete with straw to chew. The vinyl nature of the figure and the stylised details just make for a really loveable character thats really brightens up a shelf or bookcase. The artistic nature of the figure expands onto the box art with the story of how Buck came to be played out in beautiful pastels. Its this sort of extension of details that allow designer toys to have a larger presence within a toy collection as opposed to say a Black Series whose box is really only there to service the condition of the figure or work as a complete set of boxes rather than a standalone artistic piece.

Designer Toys are such an intriguing part of the Toy Industry as they really are at the forefront of physical and collectable artistic expression. Because of this the choices and styles of figures out there is numberless and it means that you can quickly gain a larger and varied collection of figures as is the case with the Dunny variants – providing you have the budget…

Screenshot 2017-04-14 23.04.32y Variants

Just some of the variants of the Dunny Vinyl Line

Buck Wethers is a real stand out piece from this line as unlike some other variants he is fairly straight forward in his design making for a piece that fits most tastes. Even looking at a more technical level such as the sculpt and artwork it has to be said that the quality is impeccably high and that comes with the higher price tag that is usually attached to toys within this space. The paint application is solid all round and the mold and shaping of the figure is smooth and without imperfections which is another of the staples of this area of the toy industry. Figures and collectibles that are classed as Designer Toys are usually of smaller batches and consignment sizes that mass produced heavily licensed figures and this allows for greater care and attention to detail to be applied resulting in higher quality figures.

All in all we’re huge fans of Buck Wethers and his charming character and level of details  that make him a real stand out piece. He is currently discounted over on Tenacious Toys site as seen below so now is a great chance to start or expand your Dunny collection!

Screenshot 2017-04-14 22.21.14

Last modified: May 3, 2017

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