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Reflection is often a necessary tool used as part of a creatives journey and so photographer Alun Nas has created a series of images showing development and progression in light hearted and comical tone. A really intriguing series that gives an insight into the photographic mind-set.

Alun Nas
Exclusive shoot for Exclu Collective

I started to be involved in Toy Photography about 4 years ago. I started trying to do it when I  saw a lot of interesting photography on Instagram.

I have tried many kind of concepts and it turns out that I’m most comfortable with my latest concept. I combine a variety of characters from the animated series and films. Using same concepts as in the animated film “Toy Story”, I just use real backgrounds as it is in the house and so on. I also include the elements that I like in the movie “Night of the Museum” : The toys feel like they are real humans but are not.

Here are the 5 new Toy Shots that I have created.

Trouble Donald


This photograph shows Donald Duck are running to save himself  as he is being chased by the other characters. What’s the problem? Only they know it.

Welcome Home Buzz


Buzz Lightyear has been stolen / kidnapped by an evil figure collector. He already has a Buzz figure but plans to sell it to someone else at a higher price. Scalper !! After having many obstacles, Buzz finally managed to escape from the criminal and return home greeted by Woody, Jessie and Toothless.

Have a safe journey Optimus


Optimus Prime is just a small and cute figure, not like in the movie. But his spirit is very high. He intends to travel around the world. At first it was blocked by the others, but at his urging and his encouragement, they let him go.

Uh-oh Mario!


Mario has created a problem with the Hulk. and I chose to use elements of the Mario game in this picture.

Keep calm and eat chicken!


Hulk is very famous as a character who is always angry and violent. The two twin boys in this picture are from an animation from Malaysia : Upin & Ipin. They are very popular in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Upin (yellow shirt) whispered to his brother Ipin (blue shirt) in order to provide fried chicken with the hope that the Hulk will be calm  down and be quiet. The fried chicken is their favourite food. 

I got the idea for this series through film and animation performances and environmental conditions. Theres no special techniques that I use in my photography For flying and running characters I just use a stand, wire or stick, and attach it to the characters. After the  photoshoot, I use Adobe Lightroom for colour touch ups and brighten the images. For some effects like smoke or dust I use Adobe Photoshop.

I use a DSLR camera – the Canon EOS650d. I use the RAW image quality settings on the camera to ensure the sharp image quality.

A huge thank you goes to Alun Nas for taking the time and initiative to compile such a light hearted shoot with backstories for each narrative shot. You can catch more of Alun’s work over on Instagram via his handle @toystory.infinity so be sure to do just that and leave a comment below.

Last modified: May 3, 2017

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