The next in our series of features that shares an insight into the communities many businesses and retailers takes the form of an interview with the founder of The Pop Dungeon who sponsored March’s Word Of The Month Competition. So who are The Pop Dungeon and what makes them worth knowing about?

A closer look at The Pop Dungeon
An interview with Corbin – The owner of the business

Introduce yourself and tell us your story.

Hello, I am Corbin. I am the owner of The Pop Dungeon. I personally started collecting Pop! vinyl in spring 2015. My primary motivation to publish a website was essentially based around the fact a lot of collectors in the Funko community are actively getting scammed. In attempt to minimize the amount of scammers in the social media community, I decided to create an online store where collectors could safely purchase exclusive Funko pops domestically & internationally.

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What are you goals for your company?

I am striving towards creating the ultimate online pop dungeon experience & eventually a physical location in Las Vegas, Nevada too.

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What makes you stand out in the Toy Industry?

I believe the content I create makes me stand out the most in the Toy Industry, as well as the creativity I try to maintain throughout the content I post.

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The Pop Dungeon Offer exclusives from a variety of retailers and outlets under one roof!

How do you utilise Toy Photography as part of your marketing?

Personally, I enjoy taking photos. It comes as a complete bonus to me that I am blessed with the opportunity to have the ability do what I enjoy, as well as provide a closer look at my product outside the box. This appeals to both in-box collectors as well as out-of-box collectors. This allows me to reach both audiences and market my brand a lot better.

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A great place to get your hands on those harder to get grails and vaulted pops and Dorbz- Be quick as they often sell out fast as the demand is huge!

How do you think Toy Photography is perceived by the wider popular culture community?

I believe toy photography is a progressing form of art which is only now being accepted by popular culture because of social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, to name a few. It’s a unique community overflowing with “big kids” who continued to pursue their love for toys.

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A wide variety of Funko’s popular Dorbz range are also available over on the site.

What are some of the defining moments from your brands history?

A defining moment for The Pop Dungeon has to be the launch of our website last August 2016. As well as scheduling a re-occurring Funko trade event monthly with the local comic shop & establishing a fan base in Las Vegas.

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@thepopdungeon on Instagram- Follow to stay up-to-date on new stock and competitions

What can we expect to see from you in 2017?

I am pleased to announce I will soon be carrying more Funko product than ever! This will include more exclusives, commons, replacement boxes, & much more! Stay tuned! Plenty to look forward to! I also have some tricks up my sleeve for the community.

You can explore The Pop Dungeon yourself over at www.thepopdungeon.com to browse their full selection of Pop’s and Dorbz and attempt to get your hands on some of the rarer pops on sale. A huge thank you goes to Corbin for sharing an insight into his platform and for being such a supportive and generous sponsor for our Word Of The Month competition.


Last modified: April 2, 2017

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