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We are excited to share the news that we  have just completed an exclusive shoot in collaboration with Storm Collectibles to showcase their Scorpion and Sub-Zero figures and Network photographer Shahzad was on hand to create a series that fully highlights the impressive articulation on offer in the Mortal Kombat line.

Our shoot was structured to show off the pose-ability of the figures and to really highlight their photogenic nature. We don’t always see as much of the Storm brand within our community so this a was a great opportunity to get a hands on feel for the company and the quality of their products.




Shahzad on the Exclu // Storm Collectibles Collabortion

“First off I’d like to thank Exclu Collective for giving me the incredible opportunity of collaborating with Storm Collectibles. The figures were something that I had never shot before but did belong to a property I have grown up with, Mortal Kombat.
The possibilities with these figures were endless in no small part due to the incredible articulation they had. It was something unheard of. To add to that, the sheer number of accessories were simply amazing and could be photographed as separate figures themselves!
The shoot in itself was quite the learning experience as it was a straight up studio shoot which meant it was more of product photography than toy photography. There was a lot I learnt in terms of lighting by trying to light the figures in a way that would accentuate the already amazing sculpt on both the body and the face.
My favorite part of this shoot was shooting the Fatality themed skull and spinal chord which make for some amazing subjects all by themselves. At the price point these figures give you a decent bang for your buck and should definitely be considered. Even after all the posing and reposing the joints are as firm as the first the day I got them and that is truly something!
Thank you once again and I do hope you enjoy the images.”
A huge thank you goes out to Storm Collectibles for sharing these incredible figures with us and for giving us the opportunity to show them off to their full potential. A fantastic shoot by Shahzad so be sure to leave your comments below to let us know your thoughts. We’ll be showcasing this shoot all week over on Instagram @exclucollective

Last modified: May 3, 2017

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