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We have a really refreshing feature from returning photographer Tham Ying Keet taking a closer look at the female Marvel Legends figures that are all too often over-looked by taking a series of full character profile shots.

Marvel Heroines
Tham Ying Keet – @yingkeet0675
I decided to shine the spotlight on my Marvel Legends female figures which have been sitting on the shelf for quite sometime and I’ve sort of neglected them for a while. So, I’ve decided to name this series of shots – Marvel Heroines.
Another reason for doing these shots are that I wanted to highlight the face-sculpt of these figures which I think are far more superior as compared to the other Hasbro line – the Star Wars Black Series figures.
They look really beautiful when shot under proper lighting, even without any repaint on them. I can’t say the same for the female figures on the Star Wars Black Series. I hope that you guys enjoy this series of shots as these are some of my favourite female figures from the Marvel Legends series.

A huge thank you goes to Tham for having the initiative to celebrate the females figures within the Marvel Legends line and to really showcase their appeal as quality articulate figures. Be sure to keep up-to speed on all of Tham’s work over on his Instagram page @yingkeet0675.

Last modified: May 3, 2017

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