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So, it’s been a while since I last did a write up as part of the Exclu Network. Today, I wanted to write about my new camera, and a simple photoshoot I just did with my Sideshow Collectibles Darth Maul 1/6th scale figure!

Well, I upgraded from my Nikon D3200 DSLR, to a Sony a7ii Mirrorless. I’ve been wanting to upgrade to a full-frame sensor for some time, and decided, for various reasons to go Mirrorless instead of DSLR. Some of those including: weight of camera, digital viewfinder, ISO capabilities, and price. I purchased two lenses with my camera, the “kit” lens, which was a 28-70 mm f/3.5-5.6, and a 50mm f/2.8 Macro Lens. I tried out the 90mm f/2.8 macro lens, which was amazing, just a little out of my budget for now. But, the 50mm macro lens works great and is very versatile. So far, I have been loving my camera, and really enjoying shooting with it.


So. The shoot I did was with the Sideshow Collectibles 1/6 scale Darth Maul figure. My wife surprised me with him for Valentines this year, and he is my favorite figure as of now.  I wanted to do a macro shoot, focusing on the amazing sculpt of Darth Maul’s face. The sculpt and paint application are amazing.


For my set up, I have two light boxes, I put one behind him, and then another to the side, to create a shadow. My camera settings were: f/16, ISO 100, with a 1.00 second shutter release. I have my camera on a tripod, and a I use a shutter remote to take the picture, so I don’t to touch my camera, which can shake it and ultimately make the picture blurry. (something you need to worry about with long shutter releases). I also, was using my phone to shine some orange glow on his face, which ultimately shows in his eyes.


This was a simple set up, but I was really happy with how it turned out. I have used this set up recently on a few shots, and I have liked how they turned out, so I am continuing to use it. Thanks for reading. As always, if you have any questions regarding cameras, photos, or anything, message me on Instagram @swittpics, or send me an email



Last modified: March 26, 2017

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