We were recently lucky enough to collaborate with Sphero to action a photography shoot to showcase the latest special edition BB8 remote control model and so we set network photographer Jason to task and he did not disappoint with an incredible series of shots that capture the depth of quality of charismatic little droid.


Jason utilised his digirama expertise to create a simple yet affective back-drop for the shoot using screen-grabs from The Force Awakens as BB8 and R2 combine maps to highlight the path to Skywalker. Aiding in the shoot is Jason’s instinctive ability to use spotlighting to add hues of blue to match the digirama and also soft white light to round out the effect.


The special edition BB8 contains a force-band which is worn on the wrist and allows the user to control the droid in similar fashion to the mobile application. The shoot takes the extras into consideration too such as the force band and the docking station which itself is designed to fit in with the Star Wars design motif. The overall package presented by Sphero is very appealing purely on an aesthetic point of view as the quality of detail is in line with what we would expect from a Sideshow or Hot Toy’s figure for a similar price point.


BB8 really is a photogenic figure even in remote control form and its really been a pleasure to be able to be involved in the shoot and coverage of such an incredibly detailed model. We’ve seen a lot of photographers in the community tackle the model all in various styles and concepts and we enjoy looking at how the photographers have been able to adapt their style to best suit the model as one simple character can be portrayed in a whole wealth of ways.

Jason’s shoot really captures the spirit of the model and the more stoic moments from the film aswell as showing off the depth of quality on offer in the model which I refer to it as , as whilst not strictly a figure in the natural sense it still feels very much like one thanks to the clever internal system that propels the droid forward without the unsightly external wheels that take away from the magic.


Behind the Scenes on the BB8 digirama

You can get your hands on both the standard and special edition Battle Worn variant of the figure from various retailers close to you and online too at places like ToysRUs and Entertainment Earth for between £99 – £179.99 respectively depending on the variant but from sheer fun alone the price point is worth it and not only does BB8 look incredible as a standing model but the droid is also a blast to control with intuitive app enabled controls allowing hours of fun for any age collector as you get to grips with the controls.

A huge thank you goes to Sphero for giving us the opportunity to cover their BB8 remote control model which has been a blast to cover and photograph and a massive thanks also goes to network photography Jason for his incredible digirama shoot that captures BB8 in all his style and quality.

Last modified: March 26, 2017

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