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We have a real treat in the form of an exclusive shoot for Batman week from photographer Lucky Tjandra as he showcases the character  various silver screen guises all in beautiful 1/6th scale from Keaton to Affleck.

Some toys are pose-able. Some toys are not. If you are the “museum pose” type of guy, the lack of articulation shouldn’t be a problem to you. But for me, I like toys with a lot of articulation. I just love taking photos of them in various poses. Toys with a lot of articulation never bore me.
BATMAN RETURNS (5622) ed1b srBATMAN RETURNS (5464) ed1a SR insta
But we don’t always get what we want. Sometimes we just get really awesome toys with limited articulation. That is the case with Batman figures from Hot Toys. Only the Batman BvS comes with better articulation (excluding the Armored Batman). Much of the toys from older film series comes with lack of articulation. Can’t blame Hot Toys. They merely copied the design and material of the real Batman suit in the movie. That comes at a price, which is the articulation.
With limited articulation problem, I do found that the cape plays important role. The cape is just a cape. But by making the cape poseable, it really adds so much to the whole figure. It gives a bit of context, a sense of direction, a story. And that’s what I love about wired capes.
Now I didn’t plan to be so immersed cape world. I got into that world by accident – unpleasant accident that is. I bought the Batman BvS, the one with the regular suit. I didn’t like the cape at all. The cape didn’t drape naturally. It was too paper-ish. And it was not movie accurate. So, I’ve decided to mod the cape. I cut the cape short, too short actually. Now I really hated the cape. I regretted my action. I asked myself, “Should I live with this cape forever?”
I can’t. I won’t. So I’ve decided to remove the cape and made my own from softer material. And I loved it. I began to share it on my Facebook page. And I got great responds. Collectors loved it. And they want it for themselves too. Apparently they didn’t like the stock cape too. That’s when I began making Batman capes.
BATMAN WIRED (6003) ed1a SR
But I didn’t stop there. Why stop there? About a week later, I decided to make BvS wired cape for myself. I’ve had a bit experience in tailoring before when I made Power Girl and Wonder Woman suit. However making wired cape is completely new to me. The previous cape didn’t require tailoring. This one does, especially with the shoulder pleats thing. When the prototype was finished, I shared it to toys community. They liked it… and they want it too. They said it made the Batman figure looked so much better. From that moment, I began making Batman capes.
This whole cape making experience has led me to figure customising world. From here, I began to create custom stuffs, not just for Batman figure, but also for other figures as well. Not only that, it really add so many things to my photography. Every photo session with these custom Batman has been super fun. One thing for sure, you’ll be seeing more Batman pictures from me because I just can’t stop taking pictures of them!
A huge thank you to Lucky for creating a really impressive series of shots for our Batman themed week capturing the caped crusader in his many on screen guises. Be sure to check out Lucky’s full online portfolio over on Instagram @unrealtoys .

Last modified: May 3, 2017

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