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We have another entry into our themed shoot series and this time it comes from photographer Agustin Fdez who goes by the handle @agu_ndz on Instagram. The designated theme for this series was the word “Caution” and Agustin shoes his versatility by applying it to a variety of scenarios.

Before starting with the photos I would like to thank The Exclu Collective for the challenge they proposed me:



In this scene we can see Luke watching two stormtroppers with caution not to be discovered. I used an old laptop screen as the floor to get the reflection effect we see in Star Wars movies.



Ant-Man is one of the most interesting figures for photography since its scale is always 1: 1 due to its power to resize. To me it wasn’t difficult to take a picture of a common situation as somebody’s walk with antman almost being smashed.



Caution, camouflage … synonymous words that served me to take this picture where we can see two troopers camouflaged in the Endor forest.



In this photo we can see Deadpool in trouble … Hulk is angry, as always, and will not let the Merc With a Mouth let go.

Han Solo


Han Solo chased by a trooper. We can see how Han is covered preparing the shot grace.

It has been an interesting and challenging process to me to take pictures focused on a concept as “Caution”. Right now I’m part of the staff of an Spanish website where I’m doing reviews of figures so I’m really busy now, that’s why I have not been able to make the number of photos that I would have liked.

Be sure to catch more of Agustin’s full online portfolio of shots both on Facebook @agundztoyphoto and via Instagram @agu_ndz and as ever leave a comment below to let us know which image from the series is your favourite and why!

Last modified: March 23, 2017

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