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Fitting nicely into Batman week we continue our look at Tenacious Toys and the Art Toy movement in general by taking a closer dive into the Funko Pop Vinyl Batgirl from part of their exclusive Speciality Series. Full review and insight featuring a picture gallery and headlining feature image from the incredible Matt Heywood @heywoodpop.

Funko has been enjoying a period of almost un-challenged market dominance when it comes to the mainstream Art Toy industry as we explored previously in “The Rise Of Vinyl” and in collaboration with Tenacious Toys we are excited to take a closer look at the Funko Pop Vinyl Batgirl.

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Batgirl forms part of Funko’s exclusive series of Pop’s called the Speciality Series which can only be found at select retailers and very often independents as a way of offering a rarer pop in the same way they do with the wider exclusive pops that you may find at Walmart or FYE ( if you’re lucky…). I’ve always found that this adds that little bit of extra glamour to the pops within this series and this Batgirl is a prime example of that .


With years of success comes years of re-investment in the production of the pops and this really shines through with every new release with crisper paint jobs and sculpts which Batgirl is a prime example of with fantastic paint application for what is ultimately a mass produced figure. I always find with pops that its often the smaller details that provide the most satisfaction and in this case its the bat detailing at the top of the boots highlighted by the vivid yellow paint-job against the stone grey classical outfit.


Accompanying this detail is the miniature bat-a-rang primed and ready for use and again its the little things that I think really make a good pop. As with the majority of slimmer pops, Batgirl comes with a base to help support her for those out of the box collectors and I myself always struggle to settle into one camp or the other especially when a pop looks as good as this.

Ultimately Funko have shown yet again why their speciality series really is special by combining their advancements in manufacturing with a real icon from the Batman universe and is a great addition to any Bat-collection. Funko show no sign of stopping or slowing down so expect to see a lot more coverage over the coming months from across the spectrum of licenses that have migrated over into the Art Toy world.

To get your hands on your own Batgirl pop simply head over to the specialist platform Tenacious Toys for all things Art Toys as she is currently sitting pretty at only $14.95 so simply click here.





Last modified: March 21, 2017

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