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The first web feature from Batman week arrives courtesy of Erik Studdard @erikstuddard and touches upon several versions of the caped crusader through Keaton, The Killing Joke and Batfleck. A seriously grounded shoot showing various different emotions and themes that we associate with the Dark Knight throughout his long running tenure as one of Pop cultures best known icons.

Erik Studdard

I have been a Batman fan since I first saw Tim Burton’s Batman in the summer of 1989. When Jack asked me to participate in the Exclu Collective Batman Week, I could not pass up the opportunity. I am relatively new to toy photography. I have only been doing it for about a year, so it is truly an honor to have been asked to participate considering the talent that is out there.

For this shoot, I did not have a particular series of shots in mind but I knew that I had to start with the Keaton Batman since that is where it all started for me. For the other shots, I wanted to showcase some of my favorite figures as well as creating scenes inspired by the Batman comics and movies. To me Batman should be dark and gritty, the embodiment of Gotham City, and I try to convey this through my images.


The Beginning

1-The Beginning _DSC_0294 

I still remember showing up to the theater and standing in line for nearly an hour to get a seat to watch Michael Keaton become The Batman.  I came into this shot wanting to create a possible deleted scene that I never got to watch that summer day in ’89. Where Batman was searching the Gotham Subway Terminal for the Joker and his gang.  The shot features 25th Anniversary 7” Keaton Batman figure and the backdrop is the Pop-up Subway Terminal by Extreme Sets.

…. And it wasn’t funny the first time.

2-…And It Wasn't Funny The First Time DSC_0156-2

If you’re going to do a Batman theme you got to have The Joker, right? This image was inspired by a panel from one of my all-time favorites, Batman: The Killing Joke.

I wanted to capture the classic Batman vs. Joker interaction. The Killing Joke panel absolutely accomplishes this; hopefully my photo does the same.  Featured in the photo is the Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective PX Previews Exclusive Batman, Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Joker, and the Pop-up Deranged Alley by Extreme Sets.

The Return

 3-The Return_DSC_0171

Inspire by Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Batman comes out of retirement and confronts a couple of street punks. For this photo, I used a small LED light on Batman and a red and blue glow light on either side, just outside of the frame to create more depth. I used a couple of random figures as the punks and Mezco’s PX Preview Batman. The background is the Extreme Sets Deranged Alley.



 I really love the figures in Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective. Here I setup the PX Previews Batman dishing out some Gotham City punishment on the Mezco Punisher.

For lighting I used a small LED light placed to the left-hand side, just out of the frame, my cellphone was the light source above the Batman and Punisher brawl and a blue glow light was used to light the background on the right-hand side. The Extreme Sets Subway Terminal provided the backdrop for the photo.

A Time For War

5-A Time For War_DSC_0143

 This photo was a reshoot of an image I shot and posted to Instagram last year. I liked the original but I felt that it needed a little more work and this shoot allowed me to reimagine it.  In the image, I wanted to explore the idea of Batman contemplating his upcoming battle with Superman.  I setup the Mezco Dawn of Justice figures and used two cellphones for the lighting sources.



I’ve posted this photo previously on my Instagram account but I feel like it is one of my stronger images so I wanted to include it here.  It follows along with my photograph “A Time for War”. We find Batman standing in front of the Thrasher suit quietly reflecting back on past battles. The photo was shot using two cell phones for the lighting sources. This shot features the One:12 Collective Mezco Batman and the DC Collectibles Designer Series Greg Capullo Thrasher Suit Batman.

Here I Am

 7-Here I AM DSC_0208

In this photo the Mezco Armored Batman, Batfleck is looking towards the sky, awaiting Superman, and preparing himself for their epic battle. The lighting source for this photo was a cell phone and a red glow light. This figure also has LED lighting in the helmet, which was turned on. The Extreme Sets Deranged Alleyway was used for the background.

I hope everyone enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed working on them. I want to thank the Exclu Collective again for the opportunity to join in the fun. It is truly an honour to participate. For more pictures or information, please follow me on Instagram – @erikstuddard


A huge thank you goes to Erik for creating such an outstanding body of week as part of our Batman week as as mentioned above be sure to head over to his Instagram page to catch the full scope of his ability and let us know your thoughts on the shoot below!




Last modified: March 21, 2017

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