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We have another entry into our themed word shoots that we love to involve the community in to challenge and strengthen their skills as photographers. Matt Stringham is the photographer in question this time around and brings a dark and brooding shoot focusing on the theme “The Night” – This is one you really don’t want to miss!

The Night
An exclusive shoot by Matt Stringham

My camera was in aperture priority and my ISO was as high as it would go on my Nikon. The imagery that came to me was to tell the story of certain characters and creatures that dwell comfortably in The Night. When first attempting this theme my mind was struggling to comprehend how to shoot my pieces in lighting I had never before ventured to.


The challenge was a good one, and it would be new to me. I took the phrase literally, I hit the ground running and didn’t stop until I found my style, telling a unique story for a different set of characters. I wanted to capture these pieces in their own world, at night when they would be contemplating their next moves; whether it were chaos, destruction, protection or survival.

Night brings with it its own set of rules and a deep mystery flows in with the darkness. It takes a special being to venture out in the void of darkness, someone who is unscathed by its cold touch. Most nocturnal creatures hunt alone at nightfall and my first thought was a small tribute to the 90’s film Predator 2 by Stephen Hopkins and Jim Thomas featuring Danny Glover.  The Predator is a strange being who hunts its prey and remains unknown in the dead of night. I wanted to capture this, a hunter and his trophy under the moonlit sky, the rest of his persona remains a mystery.

predator-2 The Night

The second concept that came to me was medieval in the making, featuring a Stone Troll from the Four Horsemen’s Mythic Legion line. I wanted to show a creature, who may be misunderstood or even worse, underestimated by others. I wanted him to look dangerous, but serene as well. Even the most vicious creatures need time to contemplate their past, present and future.

Night Troll

The third image was ThreeA’s N.O.M27 figure from the World War Robot Series. I wanted to capture him on patrol, skeptical in an unknown land. Forever watching and standing guard from dusk ‘til dawn. His gun out ready to lay waste to his enemies and push on in the desolation of war, a place where no man would show his face.

3 A WWII fog the night

The last two resonate well with each other. One, a symbol of absolute chaos and the other judgement.  Joker standing in the dead of night holding his last card in the rain. It’s the ace up his sleeve and pure chaotic joy and laughter resonating in the image. Opposite of chaos sits Batman, poached up high somewhere over Gotham. A protector of the night, hero-vigilante looking over his city.

joker the night take my card

Mashups and daylight pictures are usually my thing, the world is an open book that way, nothing is set to bind you down and your imagination is free to roam.  This project “The Night” laid hard test to my photography and editing abilities. It was a beautiful journey as I I learned how to slow shutter speeds down to get a true organic shot and how to edit my image to fit the spectrum I was looking for.

Predator: NECA │ NOM27: ThreeA │ Joker: Mezco │ Batman: DC Collectibles │ Troll: Four Horsemen Studios

An incredible feature from Matt Stringham that really speaks volumes about his skills as a creative photographer and we cant wait to see more of his work going forward this year. To stay up to date on all his upcoming shoots be sure to head over to his page @capturedplastic on Instagram and be sure to leave a comment below as ever to share your thoughts on the shoot.






Last modified: March 18, 2017

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