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We continue Eastern week courtesy of photographer Gibran Rusnutama as he brings his incredible blend of Articulated Comic Book Art photography to the table for this exclusive shoot for Exclu focusing on his love for Japanese based figures and characters such as the subject for this shoot – Ultraman.

Exclusive Eastern Culture Shoot
Gibran Risnutama
First of all I would like to thank to Jack, the man that gave me the great opportunity to contribute in this Toy Photography community, especially at Exclu. My name is Gibran Risnutama, you may know me as @monsterlaut – hi everyone! I started taking photos of toys in mid  2009 using only my phone’s camera, but that was just a personal interest. In mid  2015, I started going a little bit more serious  after I saw cool toy shoots on Instagram by @rams_ands , @ovic_yulkarnain, @decadroid8, & @qbalqbul using  Japanese figures.
After a quite time researching about them, I finally found that they  come from the same toy photography community – @btstp_id which highlights cool behind the scenes and secret recipes to make your toys shoot awesome. Then after joining them two years ago, I can say I’m impressed by the improvement that I made and now Im here. Thank you, senpai!
1. Prologue
I made this as a panel in order to start the story. I took 3 shots in this and a screen shot from the Tsuburaya’s Youtube channel provided me with a coloured version instead of a black and white version from the manga. I made up the dialogues in this panel because you can’t find it in the manga. I only added two VFX in this panel – the glowing effect for the top right and I added some dust in the bottom panel.
Ultra Entrance
2. Ultra Entrace
In this shot, I used Photoshop only to show the motion, beside the stacks of Tamashii effect impact, blue energy effect and some cut outs. For lighting, I use natural light and a help from Colour Torch app with an Orange colour that I placed in on the right of the figure.
Japanese culture in Indonesia is so strong, maybe because most of our television channels provided us with Super Sentai before Power Rangers hit, Kamen Rider, Metal Heroes, Ultraman, Anime, and so on. This  influenced me a lot as a kid that needed some superheroes in his life. Maybe, if the US kid shows were easily to access at that time, my book shelf may be filled with DC’s or Marvel’s figure rather than Kamen Riders. As I grew up with those 90’s kid memories and now have some cash, I started collecting mid 2015. Slowly my collection of Japanese figures filled my book shelf.
A Devil Welcome
3. a Devil Welcome
In this shot, I used my pc’s monitor that project an image from Arkham Prison as a background.  I then Photoshopped the alien *SIC’s Dora’s eyes, forehead, chest, and it’s waist using glowing effect to create an intimidating monster. For lighting, I was using two phones in order to get two coloured source of light, one in the left of ultraman with a light cyan colour and one in the right of the alien with a light blue colour. I added a cut out to make the scene complete.
4. Almighty
There are two VFX on this shot : firstly the Ultraman Energy Timer, and the motion blur to make the scene set in action. I used my LED lamp that I pointed to the wall to make the light softer which you can see in the BTS image at the bottom of this feature. I played with the temperature for this shot because I was not quite impressed with the real shot that was dominated by blue colour.
I took all of my pictures with Lumix GX7 and some unbranded manual 25mm f/1.8 lenses that help me get what I call ‘intense close up battle scene’. To make it more intense i usually using two phones that can use Colour Torch apps and this helps me a lot because it can project so many colours, and sometimes a LED lamp depended on what I need in the frame. I always love a scene where the emotion from the objects are visible to the eye and touch our senses. Here in the exclusive shoot for Exclu, I wanted to share with you guys  my passion for ‘intense close up battle scenes’ through an Ultraman shoot.
So Long
 5. So Long
I took this shot in a darkroom to make the scene more intense, and I could fully control the lightning in this shot since there are no natural lights that can disturb the colour depth of the photo. I used two Colour Torch apps – one with orange colour in the left and blue colour in the right. I added motion blur that focused on his right arm and alien left arm to create the sadistic image for the Ultraman as he chopped the alien’s hand.
Job Done
6. Job Done
I used the same lightning technique from the “Almighty” shot and used a Colour Torch app with orange colour in the left of the Ultraman then add a glowing effect for the Energy Timer.

A behind the scenes glimpse of the shoot

That’s it guys, hope you enjoy it. Thanks again for Exclu Collective for giving me this kind of opportunity. Feel free to ask me about Ultraman Battle scene above in the comment below or just dm me on Instagram @monsterlaut if you have a question in mind.
Another fantastic entry into our Eastern Popular Culture week thanks to Gibran’s exclusive shoot so be sure to head over to his Instagram portfolio page @monsterlaut to see his full range of images – you wont be disappointed!

Last modified: March 16, 2017

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