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Next up in our week long Eastern Popular Culture event is Jaimejoel Rivera who shares an insight into the world of Tokusatsu opening our eyes to a new world of characters that we were previously unaware of. Jaimejoel does this through an exclusive series alongside some BTS shots all accompanied by his take on the genre.

Tokusatsu – An Exclusive Shoot for Eastern Culture Week
By Jaimejoel Rivera

Tokusatsu is any Japanese live-action film or television drama that features considerable use of special effects, tokusatsu literally translates as “special filming” in Japanese. Tokusatsu includes: horror, action, sci-fi, and fantasy. Anything from Kaiju movies like Godzilla, superhero TV series like Kamen Rider, Ultraman or Super Sentai is tokusatsu.

My take on Tokusatsu


I was asked by ExcluCollective to join their Japanese Influence week. I immediately agreed I was first going to do something relating to anime but I then asked to see if could do my own take on the eastern pop culture week, I obviously chose Tokusatsu. Tokusatsu has always been part of my life even when I didn’t know it was called tokusatsu. I grew up on Godzilla films and the american version of Super Sentai which is Power Rangers. I honestly got into Kamen Rider recently by artist like @D__Amazing and my @GoFigurePodcast partners. Tokusatsu is awesome and it basically Japanese super heroes, it’s like the equivalent of Marvel or DC comics to japan and I love it. Especially the figures. These figures are beautifully crafted and they just capture your imagination. The possibilities are endless!

A look at the imagery

I did something kind of different for this feature. I basically chose five of my most favorite Kamen Rider figures and did a shot for each one. The twist is that every picture is based off the personality of each character. Kamen Rider Double from the show of the same name is a detective composed of two persons, they combine and form Kamen Rider Double. Like i said he is a detective and reminds very much of Batman so on the picture he is brooding on top of a rooftop looking really badass. Kamen Rider Decade they call him the destroyer of worlds, he was a villain at one point and he has the power of the first 10 Heisei period Kamen Riders. On his shot I decided to go on a simple but colorful demonstration of strength as his aura explodes with pure power. Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha from the show Kamen Rider Amazons, he is a powerhouse.


Alpha is a beast in all ways, he is super powerful he fights like an animal and also needs food to sustain his power, so I tried to capture just that. Feeding time after a battle. Kamen Rider Chaser my favorite character from the series Kamen Rider Drive and probably one of my favorite riders ever. He is a badass like decade he was also once a villain and an awesome one at that. They called him the Grim Reaper and well I just decided to capture just that. How badass he looks walking out of a destroyed environment with atmospheric smoke. Last but not least, Kamen Rider Ichigo, literally translates to Kamen Rider 1. He was, as his name indicates, the first Kamen Rider, he was the one who inspired future generations of Kamen Rider and even the Super Sentai series that led to Power Rangers. I captured him doing what he does best looking to fight some bad guys and boy does he do it well. The version of Ichigo in my picture is probably my favorite version of the character which appeared in the 2016 Ghost movie with his modern suit.


I was super excited when ExcluCollective asked me to do a featured collab with them once more. Lately I’ve been quite busy but I sure made time for my friends at ExcluCollective. Like usually a pleasure working with them and I’m honored that they asked me to work on their Japanese Influence Week. This was lots of fun and I did somethings that were outside the box for me. This shoot is definitely special to me and it is some of my best work yet! Thanks you ExcluCollective! – @TheEternalExperience


BTS on the shoot


Eastern Week is proving to be one of our best events to date with some incredible content and tonight is no different as Jaimejoel shines a light on characters that we previously knew nothing about and who we cant wait to learn more about. Catch more of Jaimejoel’s work over on his Instagram @theeternalexperience. Let us know your thoughts below!

Last modified: March 15, 2017

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