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Theres a plethora of platforms and outlets in that service our Toy community from retailers and wholesalers to the manufacturers themselves and we feel its important to shine a light on the variety thats available to us. Tenacious Toys are one such online retail outlet specialising in Art Collectibles. We recently had the chance to check in with them and hear their story.

Tenacious Toys – www.Tenacioustoys.com
An Insight from the company themselves

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Introduce yourself and tell us your story.

We are Benny and Steph, married and living in New York City. We discovered art toys in 2004 when we saw some articles in magazines. We were intrigued and bought a few for ourselves, and before we knew it, we were in business. There’s more to the story, but essentially, we stumbled into retail art toy sales.

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What are you goals for your company?

We have always supported the indy and emerging artists. They are the people who really make this industry interesting. Our goal for all indy artists is to help and support them in whatever way we can, as they embark on their journey into art and toy entrepreneurship. That means: representing them, blogging about them, working with them to release exclusive product, and advising them to the best of our abilities.


How do you utilise Toy Photography as part of your marketing?

As an online seller, the photography is quite literally the most essential part of our shop. No one is interested in a product if it has no photos. Conversely, we have sold collectibles on our site which had ONLY photos and no description. Residual incomplete product listings from the last time we changed ecommerce platforms…. but a great case study in how important the photography really is.

How do you think Toy Photography is perceived by the wider popular culture community?

I think pop culture in general is heavily media-focused, so any type of visual media is consumed in huge quantities all over the world by very eager audiences. The tiniest snapshot can launch a brand, or a Kickstarter, or a new movie. Stellar photography is definitely a craft which is highly prized. Great pics tell great stories.

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What are some of the defining moments from your business’s history?

Every year we put on an extravaganza at New York Comic Con. Usually that’s the highlight of our year, so every time we do one, we redefine our Tenacious brand and further cement our place in this industry. Those are always great times. Other highlights include: participating in the judging of the Designer Toy Awards, having celebrities purchase items from us at NYCC, and going way back, our very first custom show with NEMO back in 2009. That event really set the stage for us to create something we really love.

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What made you decide to be a part of a toy business over any other profession ?

I just enjoy the objects. I enjoy the gruesome car crash that is art objects smashing into industrial design on a pop culture highway. You never know what twisted creation will emerge from the wreckage.

What can we expect to see from you in 2017?

More exclusive figures, merchandise and maybe even our first self-produced vinyl toy!

Thank you to Benny Kline at Tenacious Toys for taking the time to share an insight into his platform and for giving us so many reasons to visit his site for ourselves. He has opened our eyes to the Art Toy world that we had only previously dipped our toes into with our Funko Pop collective.

Head over to www.tenacioustoys.com to check out the full range of products on offer and to learn more about what they are all about. Check back all this week as we’ll be covering a special sample package from Tenacious Toy’s showing examples of the various forms that Art Collectible Toys take.


Last modified: March 15, 2017

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