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Tuesday’s entry into our week long Eastern Popular Culture event comes from photographer Dwiki Widya as he cover the various iconic characters that have their roots in Japanese tv from the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger’s to the various Kamen Rider’s

Dwiki Widya for Eastern Pop Culture Week

Hi! My name is Dwiki Putra Widya, but I also called Babang Dwiki (@noc.tur.nall). I’m 23 years old and living in a small town named Bekasi. I’d like to tell how I fell in love with the world of superhero. As a kid I idolised the one and only Red Ranger from Zyuranger series also known in the West as the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. Two things that I like about it are the colour red that I really like, and the helmet that look like tyrannosaurus.


The older I get, my desire to collect action figures continue to grow. Having action figures of superheroes makes me feel connected to them, like I know how it’s like to be them. That also make me idolize them even more.


Kamen Rider OOO is one of my favourites because it has a great storyline – the way he transforms makes sense to me, combining coins with animals’ force, and also his sidekick ‘ANKH’ is different from other’s.


Next rider that I like is Kamen Rider Gaim. What I like about this series is also the storyline that gave me many lessons about life. Also, the design of the riders’ costume are very interesting.


Kamen Rider Drive is one of the rider that I also like. Tomari Shinosuke (Kamen Rider Drive) taught me how someone should not ever give up on anything. I also really like the design of every riders’ costume in Kamen Rider Drive.


I’m a newbie in the world of toy photography. The first time I heard about it was in 2016, when a challenge is held by the community that I joined  named BTSTP (Behind The Scene Toy Photography). In BTSTP I met some really great people and I learned so much from them. They are Biron (@of.the.crooked), Mas Minmin (@mhaqrizqi), Babang Maruw (@bladetoys), and many other senpai that I can’t mention them all, or this article will not be finish lol.


For every photos I took, I always use a camera that my beloved dad (Agung W) bought for me. It’s a canon 550D. Every property I used in my photos are made by me, from the diorama and to the littlest things to complete build the atmosphere.


 If you like my creations, you can visit my instagram account @NOC.TUR.NALL that full of toy photographs I created. I would really appreciate it if you visit the account. Thank you so much to the Exclu Collective for the amazing opportunity. Peace out .

Another fantastic entry for our Eastern week that covers the various Iconic television heroes that have come out of Japan in the last 2 decades that have continued to increase in their popularity particularly in the west in recent years. Check back tomorrow for Wednesday’s entry.

Last modified: March 14, 2017

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