At Exclu we always strive to be the connecting point between our community of photographers and toy enthusiasts and the many various business’s and platforms that service us such as manufacturers and retailers and other toy based communities. We’re really fortunate enough to have the Galactic Trading Post sponsoring our Issue 3 launch competition and so we’re taking the time to get better acquainted with who they are and what they are all about.

A Conversation with the Galactic Trading Post


Introduce yourself and tell us your story

Galactic Trading Post (GTP Toys) is run exclusively by John and myself (Michael).  We are brothers and big fans of Star Wars, toys and collecting.  John has a background in computer drafting and I have been in manufacturing for the past 10 years, so building our own products with the quality and details we wanted, just made sense.  I have been in the Star Wars industry for years dealing primary with full scale Astromechs. Some of my work can be seen on the R2D2 in the new films and at Disneyland parks worldwide.


Something you might find interesting, when we started out to build the Spacewallstm sets, we had intended them to be for collectors and to be a static background on a shelf behind figures.  This is why not much effort was made originally to make them reconfigurable.  It is something we have been working on and will soon have a 2.0 version as well as a backward compatibility option.

What are you goals for your company?

We want to continue to make the best toys and sets we can.  We will continue to do extensive research and use our connections to make the most accurate pieces as possible. We are not sure how far we want to venture out of Star Wars…….. But we would like to do something with Batman soon.

How do you utilize Toy Photography as part of your marketing?

We have had the honor of working and getting to know some extremely talented photographers. They have been really great about letting us repost their work and helping spread the word.  We really love the toy photography community.  It is filled with some great people and we love seeing what they come up with.


How do you think Toy Photography is perceived by the wider popular culture community?

Honestly we really weren’t aware of the Toy photography community when we started up.  However from what we have seen, I think it’s beginning to become more recognized and enjoyed by a wider audience. We are beyond thrilled our products have been adopted into this community and have kept them in mind with future pieces we design.

What are some of the defining moments from your brands history?

We are still relatively new to market, having reached our 1 year mark last November. In December 2015 we were awarded: best new product in the misc. category on mwctoys.com and that was really exciting. Just last month we got to see our Spacewallstm in the recent Entertainment weekly photos as part of the #HASBROTOYPIC photo contest displayed at the NYC toy fair. It was pretty amazing.


What can we expect to see from you in 2017?

2017 is going to be a fun year.  For the 1:12 scale we have our Radial panels (it has been kept secret until now) and will be available in April. Right after that is a working Doorway.  Later this year, we have the big Hanger Bay Door with working sliding doors that open and close. It will be huge!  We have our “Classic” 3.75 scale walls coming out right now and the 1:6 scale right behind them.  There will be more this year– but we don’t want to spoil all the surprises just yet.

A huge thank you goes to the guys over at GTP for raking the time to take us into their company and shed some light on their practise and their products which continue to grow in popularity within the Toy Photography community. Be sure to head over to their site galactictradingpost.com to catch up on the latest news and to shop from their full range of Spacewalls.

Last modified: March 13, 2017

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