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We’ve reached the last stop on the road to Issue 3 tonight by announcing the final contributing photographer who will be showcasing an exclusive series with us on March 1st so we’re taking a look back at the full line-up on offer when the publication goes live.

The full announced line-up is as follows.

Cover Feature 
Jeff LeBarron

Featured Photographers
Jax Navarro
Max Sabin
Jennifer Wells
Michal Skrzypczyk
Jacob Peyton
Donovan Guertin
Nickson Tirtandi
Ryan Fogg
Felipe Monardes Mena
Yudha Alwin
Rohazmi Bin Rohani
Azwan Kabar
Adam McGrath

We’re excited to share exclusive series from all the above photographers alongside some surprise features we haven’t announced yet when we Launch issue 3 on March 1st!

Last modified: March 1, 2017

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