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We’re really excited to be able to share a behind the scenes look a the photography of one of the communities heavy weight photographers Nick Deak @shakem78 as he shows the goings on behind camera on his recent Chewie-centric shoot.

Behind The Scenes 

So I wanted show this BTS and maybe it’s something’s we have all seen but in my mind I always try to be original and usually do a lot of my photos on the fly. This one for example that I did this morning while the weather was still somewhat okay.


Most of my locations are pretty close to home I try not to lug around hundreds worth of dollars of toys and camera gear around all over. But anyway this location is at a country club golf course. It’s actually the entrance to it. I chose this spot and like this location because of the views and how sometimes the sun rises here. I always try to have scenery in my toy photography. It really adds life to the pictures. I also feel like you need to get as many different angles of the subject as well. In this shot I did a Behind the scenes of a behind the scenes with chewie . Figured it would be a good twist on this.



As far as equipment goes I am really loving the Mirrorless cameras. I now use a Sony a7 but was all about Canon before. Both are solid cameras. I also don’t always use a tripod but I definitely recommend one.  


I also use a few other things for practical effects like canned air or what I currently use is an electric can air . It’s great it’s rechargeable and last way longer then typical can air. Plus not a constant waste of $5 that canned air is. I like to use wires for my flying shots as well. You can find it at most hardware stores. 

Editing software. I use Lightroom and photoshop for the most part. I’m not a fan of filters and stuff I believe it can take away from the photo. 


A huge thank you to Nick for sharing a look behind the scenes on his latest shoot and as ever head over to his page to view his full Instagram portfolio @shakem78 and leave a comment below to discuss the feature.

Last modified: March 14, 2017

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