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We round out the week with another exclusive series this time from photographer Jesse Contreras who puts the EggAttack figure line at the forefront of the shoot to highlight their versatility when it comes to Toy Photography as well as breaking down each image to explain the concept behind them.

In A Galaxy Far Far Away
Jesse Contreras

I’ve always been in love with Star Wars. I might not remember watching it on a big screen but I grew up with Disney , being that my dad has been a cast member for the past 40 years. Captain Eo and Star Tours definitely had me – Two of my favorite attractions in Tomorrowland was always a must for me . Which brings me to my fascination with Star Wars toys. I will admit as soon as I found out Disney had bought the Lucas franchise I immediately thought it was a good fit. I will admit I didn’t start collecting Star Wars memorabilia until TFA (The Force Awakens) came out. Immediately I fell in love with Kylo Ren’s character .. So I decided to join Instagram to connect with same-minded individuals. I knew nothing about toy photography , I didn’t know it existed. The first person that reached out to me was Spencer @Swittpics and I immediately started shooting, at first with my iPhone 6 . Fast-forward! here I am now shooting with a Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera. Which brings me to my first photo. I have many figurines – this one by far takes the bate ..a Beast Kingdom Egg Attack First Order StormTrooper . I fell in love with these figs the minute I seen these on Jax @plasticaction and Nick’s @shakem78 page.


For the shoot I wanted to start out slow. I didn’t want to take him outside lol. I have a small studio in my garage , For this shoot I used a small desk lamp on the left with a homemade light box to give it that soft glow.

And a small dimmable light source on the right. I was too afraid to take him outside and use live pyrotechnics so I remembered I picked up some battery powered Christmas lights that I had purchased at target during the Christmas season. I figured it would work great as a explosion effect. I used a piece of wire to hold him in the right position then later edited out. And Wa-lah!! I couldn’t have ask for a more perfect shot.


Friendship “What? you want Pepsi BB aate?”

These next three photos consist of a die cast Bb8 .The first photos I took of these two was on Valentines Day! (Which you can find on my Instagram feed )These two together were a instant hit! The perfect match with close to 6k likes put together! I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was overwhelmed. This was a simple outdoor shoot. I grabbed some props laying around the house And wanted to show off the friendship between Bb8 and Winslo. A gloomy day but worked out fine. With a few tweaks of settings , I learned from Jeff @Darksidesince77 .. I now always shoot in manual mode and have never gone back to auto.


Training Day

This particular photo has a similar pose as the first . I wanted to take this little guy to a whole new level. I won’t lie, I clenched when thinking of taking this shot. A pyro shot with a Beast Kingdom Figure??!! What was I thinking . I knew I had one shot and one shot only. First things first I grab whatever items were laying around my yard, rocks, branches etc…. once again I posed him with a piece of wire (which later I edited out)I used a mortar firework I took apart a while back and use a pinch of powder. I crossed my fingers and lit the fuse and was extremely happy with the results.




For my final shot I thought I’d try something a little different. I used 6 Space Walls panels from @gtptoys .One up front beneath him with a light source illuminating the trooper from the bottom up, thought it be a cool effect . Also placed three panels in the back (using a desk lamp to light up the middle panel) and two in middle to give it some depth. A blue light source (Mega Bar 50RGB) coming from the top left giving it a nice strong glow. I must admit this @BeastKingdom Egg Attack Trooper to date has been the best buy I made by far. He’s cool looking , great articulation! yet cute and very photogenic. Looking forward to @Beast_Kingdom on their new releases of figurines . The Rogue One Scarif Trooper looks amazing!

I want to send Jack over at Exclu Design Collective a huge thank you for this great opportunity on letting me share my Beast Kingdom First Order Storm Trooper photos / take on behind the scenes. And most importantly the whole toy community! For always being so supported! a great big THANK YOU.

A huge thank you to Jesse for compiling a really intriguing look at the Beast Kingdom Stormtrooper and its versatility as a Toy Photography subject. As ever head over to Jesse’s Instagram page @everthingkylo to check his full portfolio and leave a comment to let us know your thoughts.


Last modified: February 26, 2017

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