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The incredible work of Fadhrees Suhaimi aka @r2ktroopers is a common sight across our Instagram feed and is always of such a high quality that we just had to learn more about the artist behind the account and so we’re really excited to present an exclusive series with an insight into each image and a little background on the photographer himself.

An Exclusive series

It was such a great honour to be invited by Jack from Exclu Design Collective to give some insight on my toy photography. I started toy photography and collecting toys in Dec 2015 and I was using a Sony RX Mark II for my shots. After much inspiration from the toy community, I decided to get a Fujifilm X-T1 with hopes of improving the quality of my pictures. I enjoy this hobby very much as it enables me to express my creativity and I basically enjoy setting up for my shots.

The Long Defeat


I decided to re-edit one of my favourite picture that I took last year for this feature. I gave it a different tone to show more warmth. The editing softwares I used were Lightroom and Snapseed. This shot was inspired by one of the Rogue One movie still images. It is a combination of “digirama”(introduced to me by @workmoreorless), a diorama base from Jyn Hasbro Black Series and some artificial sand. I shot this indoor, near my window to get some natural light in and with an additional led light from the top. The most challenging part of this shot was placing the figures. I have to place them in a way that they don’t look too stiff and that they are in motion. Nevertheless, the artificial sand helped to keep them up and I was able to take my shot.

Your Favorite Weapon


I’ve always wondered what happened to Obi Wan Kenobi prior to ‘A New Hope’ and I really wish they would make a movie about it someday. Until then, these next series of shots will be my take on that. This shot shows that bounty hunters were hired by Darth Vader to track down Obi Wan Kenobi and are preparing for the hunt. I used “digirama” technique and some props that I designed myself. For the base, I used a black acrylic sheet. As for the lighting, I used one led lamp on the side and a tablet monitor light from the top. Sticky tack were used to secure Greedo and IG-88 on the glossy acrylic sheet as they kept falling off.

In Exile


This was a simple setup with a monitor background and one led lamp at the side. Editing was done in Lightroom and Snapseed. I took this shot from a low angle to give a feeling that the figure is near the edge of the cliff. My idea was to capture the moment when Obi Wan sensed that something is coming for him.

The Takedown


I tilted my camera for this shot to give it a more dramatic feel. I used artificial sand and cardboard mold for additional props. I decided to choose a different background to show the difference between day and night settings. As for the lighting, I used two led lights, one for each sides and tablet monitor lighting from the top. Editing was done in Lightroom & Photoshop. I edited the sand colour and luminance to get it match with the background and try to make it seamless as possible.

Stand And Feel Your Worth


For this shot, I wanted to show how powerful Obi Wan should be and fighting off the bounty hunters. This shot was inspired from a fan art I saw in instagram by Ameen Naksewee. I used sticky tack and thin metal wires for the floating blasters. Editing was done in Photoshop to remove the wires and Lightroom for the tone. Thanks to @az_7r for his recommendation on a new led lighting, I was able to get more light intensity than a normal tablet monitor and capture more details.

Paper Tigers


For this concluding shot, it is a scene where the bounty hunters report back to Darth Vader about their unsuccessful mission. This shot was created just by using dioramas and LED lights. The dioramas consist of GTP Space Walls, large round window by S.H. Figuarts and the ceiling wall was created by me. I was inspired by @action_figure_addict ceiling wall and so I decided to make one myself. One problem I encountered when using the space walls and S.H Figuarts window is the difference in height. As the round window is higher than the space walls, it created a gap at the top when I set them up side by side. For a quick fix, I placed Darth Vader in that position to blocked out the gap.

That’s all for now folks and I would like to thank Exclu Design Collective for giving me this amazing opportunity to share my photos and giving my insight to it. It has been a pleasure taking these photos and setting them up. I hope you guys enjoyed these photos as much as I did in taking them. Thank you everyone for checking this out and feel free to ask me if you have any questions through my instagram, @r2ktroopers.

Last modified: March 8, 2017

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