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We recently challenged photographer Muhammed Syaiful Umaru to create a themed series with the underpinning narrative of the word “Redemption”. We love to leave our collaborators stumped when we present the theme word as its the best way for them to really explore ideas and concepts outside their normal style and genre and we were really impressed by the creativity of the final shoot.


Syaiful Umaru – @bladetoys

The theme of “Redemption” occurred to me in the form of a super hero character who has a past sin and continues his penance until today. Tony Stark has the full name Anthony Edward Stark and he was born in Long Island, New York.  His Parents were Howard Anthony Stark (father) and Maria Stark (mother) and his father was a wealthy businessman who was leading and the owner of Stark Industries (Stark Enterprises).
Stark Enterprises  main business is in defence and military fields. The company
became the largest arms supplier in the world. Even with the mass media, satirical said, “There is no war in the modern era that does not use artificial arms Stark Enterprises”.
At one time after demonstrating his new missile called “Jericho”, Tony was abducted by a group of terrorists in the middle east region. That was when he was asked to make a Jericho missile for his captors but instead he makes a suit of armour to escape.
The incident became a major turning point in his life. Many innocent victims died because of the weapons he had made so Tony stopped the sale of the weapons by his own company. He was transformed from an ordinary man into a superhero (Iron Man) and more importantly, the incident became a kind of enlightenment for him because it has successfully transformed himself from a selfish human to being personally responsible. Admittedly, the incident does not necessarily change it drastically.
Striving together with his companion James Rhodes who is also a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Military and takes on the mantle of War Machine.
Over time and with various threats to the earth from enemies , Tony fuses together as part of the Avengers together with S.H.I.E.L.D
Tony defeats an enemy that threatens the Earth  –  a terrible enemy named ULTRON.
A huge thank you to Mohammed for compiling his narrative shoot based around Tony Stark’s journey alongside the theme-word of redemption. Be sure to check out his full portfolio over at @espadaumaru and leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts.

Last modified: February 20, 2017

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