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We’re reconnecting with issue 1 featured artist Juris Tobing to take a look behind the scenes on his latest Marvel themed shoot. Juris shares with us his digital editing process from raw shot to final image and shows us that budget equipment combined with a minimal amount of digital after effects can create an incredible shot as the proof is in the image.

Civil War Behind The Scenes

Juris Tobing

Here are the step-by-step and behind the scenes of my latest Black Panther vs Captain America photo series using a dark room setup and masking – No practical effect use here, all editing and digital effects.

This is my “Dark Room” Set Up :


You guys might be aware that all  he pictures that I’ve created come from  low budget equipment.

  1.  Light Source: Since I use  the “Light Painting” technique, I only use my mobile phone screen as the light source – sometimes 1 or 2 phones are required.
  2.  Camera: I don’t use a SLR instead I  use a  Mirrorless camera from Panasonic (LUMIX GF), which is very cheap among its class.
  3. The room lights still on.
  4.  Free App: The image editing process is carried out using an image editing app such as Snapseed, Picsart, etc.

Next, turns the room lights OFF


Now we’re ready for shoot so turn the room lights OFF (in this case, I still left my cabinet lights ON so I could take the BTS shot) – Take your figures, pose them with badass and dope pose and take a shot!

From there…


Now I adjust the brightness such as highlights+shadow etc

Next : Crop+Rotate – Search for the best angle and composition for your shot.



This is the background image that I used to set the scene of the shot taken from Civil War.


From here I added in the background and proceeded to blur it out so that it looks less prominent and more natural. 

Then I add the motion effect (motion Blur) to give the figures some movement that to make them look real and alive. I also added a smoke effect at this stage



Add more elements, i.e: fire spark etc.


The Final Image Result after adjusting some white-balance and tone, etc..

And thats it!

-Juris Tobing

A huge thank you to to Juris for sharing with us a quick look at the digital editing process that opens up a whole new playground of tools to aid your photography alongside traditional practical effects. Be sure to check out more of Juris’s work over on his IG page @hanjuang18 and stay tuned as we’ll have more features from Juris over the coming weeks.

Last modified: February 18, 2017

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