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Its always intriguing to hear from the community as to what their favourite shots are and why and this feature looks at the top picks from photographer Jazer Celaya as he shares with us his 3 top images and a bit of background behind them.

Alien vs Predator
The shot was inspired by the figures themselves and of course the movies. As of lately these Neca Predators have been so great I can’t stop shooting them as well as this SH Figuarts alien. Background are the Extreme set Sewer pop up dio and a bit of the @atmospheraerosol for that smokey look. For lighting I use two cell phones with the app color flashlight, one light orange the other light blue, combined result in the pic giving it that dark creepy in the sewer vibe. When shooting I’m picky with details and if a pic doesn’t turn out how I like I just don’t post it. Big flaw for me is not shooting enough angles on a shot, sometimes I’ll miss a shot because I was in a wrong angle and didn’t catch it the first time. In this case this pic turned out how I wanted it and I’m satisfied with the outcome. For next time I think I’ll try this shot again but with different posing and lighting.
Turtle Bros
Shot was inspired by my love for turtles and Neca. I wanted to portray the comic book style of the old IDW comics and I feel satisfied with this shot. City background are divided by two different diorama pieces by @toy.nerds and @prime2da1st. Lighting like most of my other shots come from my cell phone color flashlight app. Shots like these take me awhile to get on camera due to the fact that I’m extremely picky on detail, I’ll take 40 to 50 shots before I can pick one that looks decent, break it down and maybe sure it looks like what I had visioned. Before this shot came to light I had originally planned a shot with all four turtles but after an hour of posing it just didn’t happen so I switched it up with my two favorite turtles Raph and Leo. I took a low angle shot on this because I wanted to show of as much of the separate levels on a city rooftop as you would see on a city skyline, adding the dark low lights and having the turtles battle ready. I will probably do another shot with Donnie and Mikey along with a shot of all four turtles but for now this is something I really enjoy.
Ronin Boba Fett
One of my favorite figures I don’t shoot often but seeing the works of @the_whaler_ and @sgtbananas make for an inspiring shot. I love the outdoors and finding new places to shoot figures is always half the battle, with a detailed figure like this movie realization Tamashi Nations Ronin Boba Fett, finding the right location is key to getting done amazing results. I shot this with my Nikon D3300 with a 50 mm lens at Vasquez Rock National Park. You really can’t go wrong posing and shooting this figure and it’s great arsenal of weapons. Going into the shot with this figure I wasn’t too sure what I was looking for at first all I had in my head was the pose I wanted. As I placed him in different locations I also looked for the angle until this one came along. It wasn’t till a couple shots and angle into it that I had brought my handy @atmospheraerosol for that mist effect giving it that war like battlefield. Next time I would like to try different poses and angles to see what else I could come up with but for now this is something I’m proud of and would love to share. A big part of this hobby is learning by doing and I’ve been trying to get better with these practical effects and being able to capture them on camera. Hopefully you enjoy the work.
– Jazer Celaya
A huge thank you to Jazer for showing off his top 3 images and as ever be sure to head over to Jazer’s main photographer page on Instagram @knightwing2110 and check out his huge portfolio of shots.
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Last modified: February 17, 2017

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