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Exclu at its heart is a community of like-minded individuals and its always important for us to keep a line of communication open with all the artists and photographers that we feature so that we can continue to see their skills and practise develop over time. In this feature we catch up with an artist who featured with us back in Issue 1 from September – Chris Rose.


“Since my last feature, I’ve been shooting a lot of vintage Star Wars figures along with some more modern lines. Finally completing my vintage loose collection has prompted me to try and show these classics in their best light.


They’ve proved quite a challenge in creating interesting shots partly due to their lack of articulation, but I’m determined to get the most out of a toy line that is pretty much responsible for all modern collectables. I’m a big fan of shooting outdoors so I’ve also being trying to take advantage of the low winter sun to pick out some interesting light and natural lens flare on some particularly frosty mornings. . I don’t seem to get out as much on shoots during this time of year, when sometimes it feels like the sun doesn’t come out for days, but I like to think that each season adds its own particular feel to my shots.


Some days I might not get a chance to shoot but I’ll always try to carry a few figures in my camera bag just in case a scene presents itself. This year I’m hoping to get into practical effects a little more; the quality of shots that the online toy photography community produces constantly amazes me, and with the bar set so high I’m always encouraged to try and up my game.

-Chris Rose

A big thank you to Chris for sharing with us a brief update into the projects and shots that he has been undertaking since featuring with us in our debut issue as he continues to strengthen his own style and perfect his practise. Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts on the feature.


Last modified: February 15, 2017

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