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The latest in our theme-word series comes from Instagram photographer Jaimejoel Rivera and his shoot titled “Aftermath” focusing on the fallout of a street scuffle featuring everyones favourite webslinger with a really intense mood seeping into the series alongside a great insight into the thinking behind the shoot.



My name is Jaimejoel Rivera, i’m a 22 year old toy photography enthusiast from Puerto Rico. I was given the themed project “Aftermath”. What is Aftermath? Aftermath, the consequences of an unpleasant event. I immediately thought about kaiju and ultimate city destruction but I figured I would do something completely different as I just did a setup like that for my ACBA WTC round 2 entry. Then I started to ponder and really give some thought. I then thought to have an aftermath something bad must happen first, so I decided to do a photo series.


An in-depth look at the imagery

In this photo series I capture a Peter Parker overpowered by the symbiote. He acting violently, he doesn’t care about the consequences. He doesn’t care about the aftermath. First he sets up a gang leader, webbed to the wall, as bait to draw out his gang. He then proceeds to violently but swiftly beat the life out of them. As the fight proceeds you can observe that it’s not going well for the gang members. As he beats down the last member he stacks the bodies on a pile. Lastly he sits down, smiling, he is done. He enjoyed it. The aftermath, was it a unpleasant event? Not for Peter, although the gang members can’t say the same.



This was a very fun project to do. I really enjoyed the challenge of creating a photo series based only on a word. In my opinion I liked how the shots turned out but for the next time would like to capture the aftermath for Peter, his breaking point, him realizing the symbiote took control, he went too far and he is feeling regret. So overall thank you to ExcluCollective for giving me the opportunity to be featured here it’s an honor and it was really fun! – Jaimejoel Rivera


A huge thanks to Jaimejoel for sharing his interpretation of our theme word “Aftermath” and for creating a visually engaging narrative shoot alongside his breakdown of his approach to the task. As ever be sure to head over to his page on Instagram @theeternalexperience and leave a comment below to discuss the shoot.


Last modified: February 10, 2017

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