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Toy Photography as an art form and a hobby is booming over in Asia and with such a strong popular culture with the likes of the anime scene combine to create a community of incredibly talented photographers. One such is Ovic Yulkarnain (@ovic_yulkarnain) so we invited him over to talk about his experiences as a Toy Photographer.

“I’m Ovic and I’ve been involved with Toy Photography since 2015 but I’ve been a toy collector since 2006 and I started off with a Nikon prosumer 520p. After a year and a half of using the camera I felt dissatisfied and changed to a Nikon D5100 DSLR and this is my favourite shoot using that camera.
The Leaders

So why do I like this picture?

Since I was child I’ve always liked TOKUSATSU ( Japanese Live Action Super Heroes series or Movie ) this picture represents  5 characters from 6 genres of Tokusatsu ( Kaiju ,Kamen rider, Ultraman, Super sentai, Metal heroes, other heroes ) and they are all the leaders of their respective genre’s.

Left to right
1. Aka red ( First super sentai )
2. Kikaider ( First other heroes )
3. Ultraman ( First ultraman )
4. Kamen rider ichigo ( First kamen rider )

5. Gavan ( Fist metal heroes )

Maybe this picture doesn’t get enough appreciation but when I posted this on a Facebook group community ( SHF Indo ) I got so much more likes than I imagined and I think it’s the best appreciation for my work.



This the best response ever in the Facebook group community ( SHF Indo ) and I got the idea for the shot from my friend as he is also a Toy Photographer and his name is Rama Andika and he is a big fan of Tokusatsu too and this picture also reminds me about my wonderful childhood.

Anyways i joined  at the group of Toy Photograpers and the name is BTSTP (Behind The Scene’s Of Toy Photograpy) there are so many tips and tricks over there to make your shots look cooler and more awesome because for me a cool photo  can explain the whole purpose without the use of captions.


For the next shoot I will work with figures from DC or Marvel like this shot for example and I’ll experiment more with  scene photograpy as I’m so interested in making a fightscene as its more of a challenge to make it look real so I find it very difficult.”
-Ovic Yulkarnain
A huge thank you to Ovic for sharing his practise and to giving more of an insight into the passionate sub-community of Toy Photographers in Asia who are leading the way with their constant output of top quality imagery. As ever be sure to leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

Last modified: February 10, 2017

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