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Tonight we have another entry into our series of work from various contributing photographers who are paired with a themed word or phrase and given the opportunity to create an original series of images based on their own interpretation and tonights theme word is “Bleak” by Paul Tresadern @red_dog_5 .

About Me:  Paul Tresadern, Red_Dog_5 on Instagram. Emigrated from Nottingham England now living in Arizona. I have been a toy photographer since 2015.
My project Word was Bleak.  These photos represent the literal bleak outlook and prospective of this two man Storm-trooper team cut off from the rest of their platoon. Exposed to the elements of a harsh terrain, one of the troopers is wary and battle scarred but still maintains focus and discipline to help his mortally wounded follow trooper.  In this story line, the able bodied trooper is trying to take his comrade to safety and eventually comes to the realisation that he will have to bury him. He then has to go it alone and that depressing thought alone is bleak enough. These pictures depict a small part of that journey and the pathos that it evokes.
My Photographic process is one of pure instinct. I have been a photographer for 30 yrs now doing  weddings, portraits landscapes and now Toy Photography which I’m finding the most addictive. My process typically starts with a scribble on paper of a rough outline of what i would  like to achieve, in this case I story boarded it with 4 concept visuals. With that I have a clear view of what I need to do. I used my custom storm troopers Hasbro Black Series 6 inch.


0bleak4They have extreme battle wear and tear ideal to tell this story visually. I have quiet a few of them and have had many positive comments from the toy community about how they like my weathering technique. My style is to make it as real as I can. I am always looking at the scale of  the surroundings in which I place my subject. In this case the desert provides excellent micro worlds The desert flora is perfect. I use a  Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 with a Leica Lens. I purposely purchased this tiny camera for this kind of photography. I mainly shoot in 24 mm wide angle and macro, f/stop 5.6 1/1300 ISO 200 on the monochrome shots.

I scoped out the Location prior to the shoot but left it to the day of the shoot to pick my areas I wanted to tell the story. This was based on light conditions and interest of surroundings. I decided to shoot monochrome and a low saturation style to add a somewhat bleak tone. If there was one disappointment  to the shoot, it was the blue sky.  I was hoping for an overcast grey day to add to the gloom,  but you take what you can here in AZ.
A huge thanks to Paul for sharing with us his interpretation of the theme word and his incredible original series of Star Wars themed images. Be sure to head over to Paul’s page and show your support by checking out the variety on offer in his Instagram portfolio and as ever , feel free to leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts on our latest themed shoot.

Last modified: February 10, 2017

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