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The next entry in our Behind The Scenes series comes from photographer Sergio Santos as he shares his photographic process on his latest Ultron-centric shoot exclusively for including a full image breakdown of his set-up and the final shoot from the series.

Hi. My name is Sergio Santos, I’m 33 years old, I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I work as a graphic designer. I am not a professional photographer, photography for me is a hobby, an activity that served to relieve a moment of depression that occurred to me a few years ago. Collecting and photographing served as an escape valve for hard times and also introduced me to a new world, made me meet new people and make new friends.

For my BTS feature, I present an image titled “Creator and Creature,” a dramatic scene where Ultron is about to subjugate his creator, Tony Stark (in the MCU universe).
The picture was taken inside my “mini wardrobe studio”, using figures in 1:12 scale (my preferred), some desk lamps and a mini diorama (unfinished) made by me. So let’s go step by step:

First, I think about the concept of the picture, the idea, and start developing the poses. I usually work the pose at the right angle that I imagined the whole frame, this makes easier to hide stands, supports or any objects that should not appear in the final composition. Then, I start the lighting tests. Here I used two side lamps, with folded light, one underneath, to fill the frame, and one in the background, to create the cutout light and beacon the fire. I set the camera for 2 seconds of exposure, f-5 and ISO 200 to give a good depth of field and due to the low local luminosity.


After the image is clicked, I go to Lightroom, where I adjust contrast, white balance, shadows, colors, among other adjustments. To add a bit more drama to the scene, I added some effects to Tony’s face and environment, thus finalizing the image.


Many thanks for the opportunity to bring one of my pictures and to be able to show that it is simpler than it looks and that anyone can be part of this hobby.


“The boy who doesn’t play isn’t a boy, but the man who doesn’t play has always lost the boy who lived in him and who will be greatly missed.” – Pablo Neruda


A huge thanks to Sergio for sharing a Behind The Scenes look into his Toy Photography exclusively with us – to see more of Sergio’s online portfolio of shots be sure to head over to his Instagram @sirdios and show your support.

Last modified: February 10, 2017

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