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The Toy Community is made up of such a huge and diverse range of licenses and characters and this feature shines a light on the sub-genre of toy Photography that is inspired by the great work that is shown by the guys over at Articulated Comic Book Art page.

This notion of taking inspiration from the panels of a comic and then playing that out and capturing it using a mixture of practical effects and captioning is something that has captured the creativity of photographer Drew Cameron as he breaks down his latest ACBA inspired shoot.


I’m Drew and I’ve been in the toy community since late 2013. The majority of my collections are Power Rangers, Super Sentai, and Kamen Rider and I’m so glad to be in a community where I am accepted and can show my love for my interests. With that said I would like to show you  my behind the scenes of my most recent shot.
 When I stared out in toy photography I was only able to use my phone. But later I learned about DSLR cameras and stumbled upon the Nikon D3100 with a 55 1.8 lens.
For the moment I do not have any dioramas for my photography. My set up for this shot is very simple. I use a box, red and blue 8w light bulbs, two LED 800 Lumens lights, and blue coloured construction paper.
The figures I used for this photo were Kamen Rider Amazon Alfa and the suited men are assorted Marvel Legends. For the suited goons I used four Chameleon bodies with four different heads from different figures.
I like to keep my shots practical ever since I started watching and learning from various artist from the ACBA (Articulated Comic Book Art) toy community. For this shot I used a slash effect that came with the Kamen Rider figure.
A huge thanks to Drew for really putting in the time and effort to give that extra insight into this incredible comic book derived genre of Toy Photography that really deserves to be more celebrated and embraced so be sure to head over to Drew’s page @mettallic_xd and try your hand at Comic inspired shots.

Last modified: February 10, 2017

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