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We often like to show the behind the scenes from the communities many photographers in order to show the time and effort that goes into the final image we see on the feed and we often uncover new and ingenious techniques along the way . Check our exclusive BTS insight with Glen Mose.

“Today I would like to share the Behind The Scene process of my most recent shot. The shot is trying to recreate the last 5 minute scene from latest Star Wars movie Rogue One. In that particular scene we see Darth Vader, at his best and at his prime , boarding the runaway Rebel’s fleet to retrieve some stolen data which contains very crucial information on the Empire’s latest and deadliest weapon.

Every time I try to recreate a certain moment from a movie with toys, I need to really consider the atmosphere, the lighting, and the emotion (in this case, terror) in that particular moment. And as my style of toys photography goes, I always try to make it with practical and tangible effects, without any or with minimal computer editing involved.

The best EPIC moment of that scene is when Vader ,with his Sith Lightsaber, slashes away rebels soldiers and obliterates any resistance given from the soldiers with his amazing display of Force power! Firstly, this was my EXIF data : ISO 200, focal length 35mm, f/8.0, shutter speed 2 seconds. I’ll try to show it as simple as possible, pardon me if it is too confusing.


  1. Red colored LED bulb is used on the right side of the figures. The bulb is covered with a cylinder made from a black card paper. The purpose of this light is to light up Vader’s slash effect
  2. Blue colored LED bulb was used on the left side of the figures. The purpose of this light is as a fill light to light up part of vader’s body and the low part of the background.
  3. And little white colored LED lamp above vader, to give the figure a top light, and also light the slash effect s a little.


  1. Black-series Darth Vader as the main fig, without it’s red blade.
  2. Black-series Rebel Trooper as the secondary fig. This fig is made by swapping HanSolo’s head with a First Order Snow Trooper. (pretty convincing isn’t it? 😉 )

3. Slash Effect made by myself using Concorde paper and cut to the shape of slash.

4. Rebel Troopers made from HVS paper used for giving composition to the photo along with cotton fibres used for creating smoke effect.


The slash effect was lit up by directing the red light focused by my DIY cylinder toward the paper effect. And to make the whole effect glow, I used the light-painting technique (shutter speed 2 seconds).


All of which results in the final image :


A huge thanks to Glen for sharing the details of his latest shoot that has revealed how the use of simple paper cut-outs can be use to create incredible shots. Head over to Glen’s Instagram page @glenmose for his full photographic portfolio and be sure to give him a follow to stay up to date on all his upcoming projects.

Last modified: February 10, 2017

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