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Next up in our themed project series is Patrick Pchalek @wonderbunk and his given theme word “Reckless”. Patrick breaks down his reasoning behind his impressive series of images providing some intriguing views on well known characters.

As i started to think about which figures and types of pictures could fit into the given theme a lot of bad characters and brutal pictures came into in my mind.

But as every characteristic ability also reckless has many different shades. It´s a point of view and that´s why my first choice of characters felt onto our iconic droids R2 and his golden friend.Without their reckless behaviour C3PO and R2D2 would just be normal droids doing normal droid stuff but they experienced a lot of adventures during their missions all over the galaxy far away.

No matter they have been they were always important company to their two-legged masters.Since most of us know the StarWars universe it´s just logical to take a look to the imperial side of the story.


I thought it would be too easy to choose Lord Vader or Boba Fett as a counterpart to our two droid heroes so i decided to take a look at the imperial army. As a fan of the classic trilogy the most reckless kind of trooper are the Scout-trooper to me. They are foolhardy enough to ride at high speed on Speeder-bikes through the deep forests of Endor.

Sad but true that they hit trees with a bike but can´t hit their opponents with a blaster.

That brought me to the idea of a battle between a trooper and a droid. But instead of using blasters i thought it would be much better fitting if he uses his fists to beat down his enemy.


Maybe he hits this time…There´s also another character who isn’t reckless in first line because he is wise and mostly acts after he thought about the consequences – Yes, i talk about Master Yoda.


Yoda? You may interrupt me now and start arguing that he isn’t reckless. 

In my opinion it´s very reckless to teach another Skywalker the Jedi techniques after all the trouble with the Anakin. Although my main focus is on StarWars it´s always good to add some variation from different pop culture worlds.


One of those fantastic worlds is the comic world and one of the most fascinating (and also humorous) villains is definitely Ultron. Programmed to save the world his artificial intelligence evolved in another form of reckless behavior. He started to do things in his way without paying attention to other opinions and threats. And taking on the whole Avengers is also very daring.


But what happens to people if their actions are caused by much more honourable reasons? When they only want to protect their beloved ones?

That brings us to Rick Grimes – sheriff, father and husband (more or less). Rescuing his people and leading them to better future his acts are also reckless very often. I hope the choices of pictures and explanations of my themed challenge showed some shades of reckless actings.

Many things in life aren’t the way they appear on first sight. Keep your eyes open and take a look behind. Let´s be reckless.

Patrick’s images respond to his theme word in a wide variety of senses providing alternative viewpoints of characters that we thought we already understood. Its always an added bonus when a photographer has the ability to not only create incredible shots but also take us on a journey of discovery as Patrick has done here.

Be sure to leave a comment below to show your support and let us know your thoughts on this incredible series of shots.


Last modified: February 10, 2017

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