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Our first feature of 2017 concerns the work of Hollie Jeakins ( @cosmictoys over on Instagram ). We tasked Hollie to respond visually to a phrase and show her interpretation of it through a series of shots.

That phrase was ” One More Day” and we chose it for its great scope for creative thought and the many various ways that it could potentially be interpreted. See how Hollies interpretation played out below and her photographic process throughout the shoot :

“I’d lke to thank Exclu Design Collective for this incredible opportunity to create a themed project. For this feature, I was tasked with creating original content based on my interpretation of a specific word or phrase.


The phrase I was given is “One More Day”

I’ve chosen to interpret the phrase as holding on to hope for at least “One More Day”. When the day is darkest, and the future uncertain, that is when hope needs to be clung to the most. To create these photos, I went to one of my favorite outdoor locations. I lucked out because the day had a gloomy atmosphere with grey fog and soft rain that complimented my interpretation of the phrase.


While rain can be synonymous with sorrow or sadness, it can also be associated with Spring and the fresh start of a new cycle. Rain washes away the darkness of yesterday and although it may seem gloomy today, it can also provide hope for tomorrow. I wanted to play on the feelings generated by the dichotomy of gloom and hope so I was very happy to use the natural weather to my advantage.


I decided to go with a series showcasing K-2SO and Jyn Erso. K2 is one of my favourite figures to photograph as I have so much appreciation for his emotive design. He can bring a real softness and vulnerability to an image just in the subtle way that he holds his head. I love to add a touch of softness to a world of darkness and death.

And of course Jyn Erso is the very representation of hope in the face of darkness. Based on her actions in Rogue One, I think she’s a great choice to represent holding on for “One More Day”. The earned friendship and unique dynamic between K-2SO and Jyn just further supports the theme. By the time I had taken enough photos for the set I was waterlogged and carried my bag of wet toys and equipment home to begin the editing process. I was happy with the raw photos but I always take them into Lightroom and Photoshop to enhance my final images.


For editing, I boost the contrast slightly, dodge and burn, and enhanced certain colors. For this series, I also inserted some more rain, a few texture overlays and some filters to help realize my vision of “One More Day”.  One of my favorite parts of photography is seeing how my photos are perceived by others. If my photos can generate emotions or evoke new thoughts or feelings in someone, then I’m extremely happy! I’m grateful to have the Instagram platform to share photos and be part of the awesome toy photographer and Star Wars fan community!”

A huge hand to Hollie for really responding to our themed challenge to kick off 2017. We love the atmospheric tension that hangs in the images that subtly hints at sorrow and hope which is only reinforced further by the confident use of the elements. The characters themselves are already imbued with that notion of carrying on for one more day so that link  is naturally occurring and used to great affect. Be sure to check out more of Hollies work over on Instagram via her handle @cosmictoys and over on her site https://cosmictoys.ca/  where you can get your hands on an incredible range of figures both old and new in a really user friendly environment so go check that out.

Last modified: February 10, 2017

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