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We recently got the chance to catch up with Olly and get his thoughts on the toy community as well as the experiences and inspirations that led to him becoming a member of our community.


“I am a 15 year old from the UK, studying Art. I first got into photography back when I got a camera phone in 2013. I just loved the idea of capturing a certain emotion or feeling associated with an object, and my passion for photography grew from then on. I first started Toy Photography in December of that year when I got my first action figures, and thought it would be cool to take some shots in the back garden. I then started to upload my photos where I was introduced to a whole community doing exactly what I was (But maybe not in their back garden…) and discovered such great artists as @mr_gizmo_ and @sgtbananas. Then, at the end of last year I got a DSLR and the game changed as I could finally create the photos I had always imagined.

I would say my work is heavily influenced by films I have watched throughout my youth as the emotion projected through the framing and composition of a shot is what makes the scene in my eyes, so that is what I aim to recreate- Emotion. I also would add how I naturally just fell into this genre of photography by complete accident as I took photos of my figures before even realising there was such a great community of toy photographers.



My style was formed from a use of the natural and rural landscape I live in. I discovered using the scenery and practical effects in scale with the figures captured in my shots brought them to life. My favourite thing is getting a comment saying ‘Thought this was a person in a suit’ as my aim is to use such realism that the figures come to life and can show the emotion and feeling of the character like and actor would on screen.


My technique for capturing my shots is usually with a fast shutter speed and a collection of practical effects that just can’t be recreated digitally. This is to bring the shot to life and share the emotion with my audience. I also crop most of my photos now at a 16:9 aspect ratio to have a cinematic look to the photo and to add a touch of realism.
The Toy Photography community has a very bright future in my opinion. Not only is it a gateway for young photographers to get into the community by experimenting with different shooting styles or ideas that leads into a passion for photography or film directing; But it is also a creative outlet for so many individuals with great imaginations and creativity. Toy Photography allows anyone to recreate cinematic scenes or ideas from their own creation onto a visual platform for all to see.”
To see more of Olly’s incredible photography simply use the link below to go across to his Instagram page :

Last modified: January 18, 2017

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