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Its not everyday that a member of our community has their work exhibited at a major cinema for the premiere of Rogue One.

However that is exactly what happen to Polish photographer Michal Skrzypczyk this last Wednesday as his work was shown off at a special event in honour of the premiere.

The exhibition itself is called The Plastic Awakens: Toy Photography from Star Wars Universe. Especially for that purpose Michal shipped a couple of Rogue One figures from US since these are still unavailable in Poland which helped to give his exhibition that extra edge as the figures are still very fresh to his audience. The exhibition will be held in the cinema until Rogue One wraps up so probably around mid January.

The exhibition takes place in a major cinema in Krakow, Poland and it’s a collaborative effort of Michal, the cinema (Kijów:Centrum) and the Polish Garrison of the 501st Legion to celebrate Polish premiere of Rogue One. During the event attendants had the unique opportunity to meet their heroes and foes in person since 501st deployed almost two dozens of their troops and villains such as Darth Revan and of course Darth Vader.
A huge congratulations goes out to Michal for having his work recognised on such a major scale and its great to see Toy Photography in the lime-light. We cannot wait to see more of his work and wish him every future success and you can expect to see more work from Michal featured with us over the coming months so keep an eye out for that .

Last modified: January 16, 2017

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