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The Toy Photography community consists of a whole range of individuals all working alongside different licenses and figures, and sometimes our social media feeds can become saturated with images that all follow a similar thread.

It’s always refreshing to see the work of individuals who are creating images that are just outside the norm and for us that takes the form of Lego photographers who bring colour and creativity to our social feeds. This brings us to the work of Marcos Ortega who shares with us his story and experiences as Lego photographer. Below is Marcos’s story…


“A Long time ago, I dreamt of becoming a movie director or a scriptwriter. Not just because of my love for Cinema, but for the chance of designing new worlds and telling stories. That would have been amazing, but for many good reasons I ended up becoming an architect. In my work I get to design the spaces where real stories actually happen, and it´s cool!

During my studies I learnt photography by reading magazines and practicing a lot – it turned out to be the best way out from the stress of tests and submissions. Many times I found myself shooting architecture models or making funny still animations at home.

But Lotsoflegs didn’t even come to my mind until two years ago. I was given a few mini figures for Christmas and my sister and I use to play video-games together, and the Lego ones are our favourites. Having those characters from the games and movies at hand made us think of many nice stories to tell. A few months later, in my late 20’s, the need of finding a portable photo project that would bring back the creativity and storytelling made me start shooting those mini-figs in series.

Lotsoflegs was born!

So you may think, why has this guy been shooting plastic minifigures for two years? It´s all about freedom, creativity and getting back to those old days… but getting further! My models fit in a pocket and every square meter turns into an epic landscape where the biggest stories unfold. Characters come to life and can travel with me everywhere I go.

Many people ask me where I shoot my outdoor photos and I have to confess, 90% of them are taken in my garden. It´s not a big place, but for the tiny minifigs it feels like a huge world. While I place them in the grass or by the rocks, I keep thinking the story I’ll tell and once I look through the viewfinder there is no way back. The action just happens and, if       I´m lucky, I get to catch the atmosphere of the moment, the expressions, the words and emotions taking place.


My project is not just a bunch of Lego photos, but a direct link to the worlds in my imagination. They are my way of expressing cool ideas, worries, thoughts or even (mostly) crazy inspirations that lay in my head. They all take the form of stories that some would write, others would sing or paint, but I get to see through my cameras viewfinder.”

A huge thank you to Marcos for sharing his experience as a Toy Photographer and we cannot wait to see more of his work over the coming months. To stay up-to-date with his latest shoots, then be sure to follow him over on Instagram under his handle @lots_of_legs. Be sure to leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts.



Last modified: January 16, 2017

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