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At Exclu we always try to shine a light on the photographic process that goes on behind the scenes of the final images that we see on our social media feeds.

To that end, we tasked James Keaton with documenting his experiences on a recent shoot and to see the resulting images. Here’s what James had to say:


“This shoot was initially inspired by the upcoming new “Star Wars: Rogue One” movie. I have been a big Star Wars, Transformers and Marvel fan since I was old enough to talk and my intentions were to try to recreate some of the clips from the trailers in my own image. I set out one dense morning right before the sunset by a nearby boat docking area and found a great spot to setup my gear, and placed all my figures in the right position to photograph. Unfortunately the tide was too high for the background explosions I had in mind. Most of my practical affects got ruined. I decided to move to a more drier location and worked with what I had left. After about thirty frames of shooting, some editing through Lightroom and lens FX! I was finally  happy… the shoot became a success as I pictured it. Sometimes shoots can become very difficult at times, but I realised you just have to take your time, humble yourself and everything will come together…”

The process of Toy Photography can, at times be more challenging then you initially thought when you set out on your shoot. Ultimately, we have learned from the various individuals that we have collaborated with that its those who are able to adapt and be spontaneous that achieve the best end results with their photography. A huge thank you goes out to James for sharing his experience with us as well as his exclusive images too. To see more of James’ work simply head over to his Instagram page @jay_energon73 and be sure to comment below to let us know your thoughts.

Last modified: January 16, 2017

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