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This month at Exclu we are beginning a new monthly challenge series to allows photographers the chance to show their own individual interpretations of a chosen word.

This December the word is “Companionship” and we want you to show us an image that best express’s your interpretation of this and its implications.  All you have to do to enter is simply use the hashtag #exclucompanionship on a image that is uploaded on or after December 1st.

The competition will run for the first 3 weeks of months and then our Top 3 images will be chosen and displayed here on the site with an explanation from the photographers of how they approached the word and their interpretation of it. From here you , the community , will have the chance to vote for your favourite image and the winning image will be showcased in a future issue of Exclu magazine. Good luck to all who enter, we cant wait to see own individual interpretations of our theme.

Entry ends December 20th

Credit for our “Word of the month” image go to a good friend of the collective – Spencer Witt @swittpics and our heading image here on the site goes to @beastkingdom 


Last modified: January 16, 2017

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