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Earlier in the year we offered the community a chance to be featured in an upcoming issue and we did this by running a Rogue One themed competition.

The rules were simple , Enter your best image using the brand new range of Rogue One figures and if chosen as our winner , the feature would be yours. The photographer whose entry we picked was Mark Walker and his winning entry was one of the first images we received and it immediately set a benchmark that couldn’t be beaten. We offered Mark the feature and you can see it in its entirety  in our second issue out December 5th.  Below is Mark’s winning entry along with a preview of his interview .

Rogue One8.JPG


We are huge fans of your images, so keep up the good work! Have you got a favourite image from your collection so far?

“I’d be hard pressed to choose a favourite between the ones featuring the SHFiguarts Luke Skywalker from Bandai – not because I think I’m so amazing, but because I just love that figure! That was one where as soon as I saw it, the ideas for shots just seamed to flow. The articulation is great for posing and the detail is incredible for a figure of this scale, so the macro stuff comes out great too. If I had to choose though, it would probably be either the shot of Luke looking at his Father’s light saber hilt, or the one of him looking into its ignited blade. I just can’t get enough of that figure.”


Catch a full interview along with exclusive imagery in the pages of Issue 2 December 5th. In the meantime check out Mark’s page and feel free to comment and let us know your thoughts .

Last modified: January 16, 2017

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