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Our aim as a Toy Photography collective is to showcase work from members of the community and to get a better understanding of the individual behind the lens.

To that aim we were able to take a closer look at the work of Elliot Osrin or @smallwars as he is more commonly known over on his Instagram page and to get an insight into his creative decisions as a Toy Photographer. Elliot’s story in his own words :

“Im a Los Angeles based artist who started in Toy Photography over a year ago. I picked up a Vader statue at Star Wars celebration and thought it was the coolest, I just had to take some photos. I think from that point on I was hooked. My Instagram feed would always show photos by Sgt. Bananas and Captain Kaos, and I couldn’t believe the things those guys were doing. 

The OG’s were definitely an influence to go out and try my hand. For me, a lot of my inspiration though comes in posing. There’s endless possibilities, and it’s always cool to appreciate the details or characteristics of a certain figure before you highlight them behind the camera.
Whenever I go out on a shoot, it’s usually spontaneous. I’ll have some ideas in play already, but I try to really enjoy the experience. I find great peace setting up in a beautiful location, enjoying the outdoors, and getting the perfect angle. I love to capture scenery, great lighting and textures. I personally love shooting close-ups, especially when you have a really detailed subject. More specifically, how that all comes together to frame a figure really is what it’s all about. 
I think the genre has barely scratched the surface of it’s potential. There is an incredibly talented community of people really creating works of art. I hope everyone can understand, and see Toy Photography as a completely legitimate form of expression. Just like painting, playing music, or writing. I think we need more people in the community like Exclu to really help showcase some of the great things people are doing in this network of photographers. It is definitely a labor of love, takes time and patience, but it’s worth it if you can have a positive effect on someone.”
A huge thank you goes out to Elliot for sharing a glimpse into this photographic practise and we hope that it inspires more people to continue pushing the boundaries of Toy Photography. Be sure to head over to his page to see the full range of images within his portfolio and to stay up to date with his upcoming shoots. Feel free to leave a comment to let us know your thoughts.


Last modified: January 16, 2017

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