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In the first of a new range of product reviews, we take an impartial closer look at Beast Kingdom’s EggAttack Kylo Ren EAA-017 stylised figure, so lets gets get to it.

Character – Kylo Ren

Line / Specification – EggAttack / EAA-017/ 6-inch stylized premium format figure.

License – Star Wars

Release Date – 2015

Manufacturer –  Beast Kingdom

Let’s start with the specifications to give an overview of the figure. Kylo Ren stands at 6-inch’s tall, so the same size as the standard Hasbro Black Series figure and features 30-points of articulation resulting in a highly posable figure that is more than just a little photogenic. The figure comes with two further pairs of hands (1 pair of open hands and 1 pair of clenched fists to hold the lightsaber), and speaking of which, the cross-guard saber is intricately sculpted and painted, and holds itself right up to the details of the actual movie prop. The box contents are rounded out with a special clear plastic stand with a 3-inch standing aid to hold Kylo in his pose.

Moving on, the overall sculpt of the figure is of a very high standard and is in line with the figures that Hot Toys and Sideshow are putting out, so it definitely fits into that top end premium bracket. The mask is the stand out piece and captures the battle scars that the leader of  ‘The Knights Of Ren’ has picked up on his travels, along with the patterned work on each side of the face. The arms and hands follow the same high standard of sculpting, with the robe detailing wrapped around and the texture of gloves clear to see. The pattern work is clearly defined and doesn’t overlap with any other part of the sculpt, and this continues down the legs and also the belt that holds down the material robes. The buckle of the belt is part of the mold but the level of detail remains if you look closely enough and is a nice little finish to the figure. The feet are of a standard sculpt but they shine by implementing a feature that is present across the EggAttack line and that is the way in which the foot flexes in half to enhance its pose-ability. The lightsaber accessory, as mentioned previously, is one of the stand out features of the figure as the mold of the blade is incredibly close to the  movie prop and the hilt too is molded with all the appropriate bells and whistles.

EAA-017-Kylo Ren-01.jpg


With Kylo Ren being a character draped in black, it leaves limited opportunities for the paint work to shine. The two areas where  it can however, are the lightsaber and the mask. On top of the mask mold sits a fine application of silver paint to round out the intricate pattern and the ridges above the visor. The paint is kept within its lines and doesn’t spill out onto any other part of the mask, and this is always a good sign of a high quality product. The incredible sculpture of the lightsaber is topped off with a healthy application of paint on the hilt, along with a gold trim finishing with various power cables coming through and picked out just as neatly as the helmet. Paint application is one of the key features that separates average figures from premium format kind, and Kylo Ren fits into the latter thanks to the finish it receives.

Kylo’s robe that covers a good proportion of his body maintains the high overall standard of the figure. The rough texture and harsh cut lines really accentuate the raw passion of the character and work to a strong end. The robe splits at the legs to allow for as much pose-ability as possible, which is exactly what you want from a Toy Photography subject. The hood is also fully poseable with a wire-frame around the rim allowing you to shape the hood however you want; either ­­up on the rim of the mask or flat down to reveal the entirety of the helmet. Sometimes a figure can be let down by the quality of the material it uses, as it can often feel cheap and tacked on but thankfully this doesn’t suffer from that problem and is instead a quality addition.



Overall, it’s clear to me that the EggAttack Kylo Ren is a true cabinet piece and sits within the premium format category of stylised figures. The sculpt and painting holds up throughout and is strengthened by the material finish of the robe. The pose-ability is really strong for this figure and allows for a huge variety of display stances, which is why it lends itself so well to Toy Photography and is most definitely a display center-piece.

Be sure to check out the rest of Beast Kingdom’s EggAttack line over on their site and feel free to leave a comment below to discuss any parts of the review.

images courtesy of Beast Kingdom

Last modified: February 10, 2017

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