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The 10th artist contributing to our extensive second issue 2 is Adam McGrath known in the community by his handle @chipmonsters.

Adam works alongside the Star Wars licence to create images that look as though they could be taken directly from one of the films. His incredible attention to details when creating his miniature scenes ensure that his final outcome are of some of the best quality within the community. His portfolio extends beyond action pieces however and into character shots that are able to capture the mood of any given subject such as his intimate Stormtrooper shots. The depth of the shots that Adam creates is quite unique as he is able to have a plethora of characters within the scene all acting out their part of the story captured in one-shot image and he is able to replicate this time and again to form an impressive Instagram portfolio .

Expect to see some incredible exclusive images from Adam in the pages of issue 2 on December 5th and the meantime check our his page over on Instagram and leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts.

Last modified: January 16, 2017

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