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We have for you a special feature from Jefferson Bongarthner who is a Brazilian Toy Photographer looking to expand the communities influence in his home country.

He believes that it is difficult to get the recognition as a Toy Photographer where he lives, as opposed to artists from the US or here in the UK, and he is seeking to change that and help bring the community more into the artistic spotlight.  He opened up to us at Exclu about his experiences as a developing photographer and hopes that he can help bring about more exposure from artists like himself from Brazil.

I began shooting my photos using an iPhone 5s and today, I use a Sony HX100 camera. At the time I was in a drawing course and discovered Instagram as a way to disseminate my work, and after navigating the app , I saw some pictures of action figures from Toy Photographers that caught my eye. The photo’s that most caught my attention were those where Woody appeared and being in love with Disney, Pixar and animation in general,  I tried to discovered which figures they were as I would love to take photos of them in a similar style.
I spent a few months researching the manufacturer of the figures because I found it hard to find out who made the Woody I had seen, but after a while I discovered that it was from a company called Revoltech. Now, the only problem was figuring out how to get one imported to where I live… Luckily I managed to  purchase one on a Brazilian site and before long, it had arrived and I was taking my first shots. However, I don’t think that they were of any quality because I didn’t know how to make professional looking photos, I was simply using a white background.
So I started to research and follow Toy Photographers until I found that using scenarios led to an infinite amount of backdrops to my photography, as I began developing my skills. My inspiration comes from everyday scenes aswell as Disney movies and animations. I find that I have a great deal of inspirations and point of reference’s from my friends both here and from around the world.
I get inspired by pictures of other characters and I try to transform a scene using the Woody figure but I always try to keep to a very family friendly style of art as Woody is ultimately a character aimed towards younger audiences.  Woody is without doubt my favourite character as you can see in this series of shots.
Jefferson is able to combine his love of all things Disney with a touch of humour and has a great eye for creating small dioramas around his characters that enable him to explore different themes for each shot. We really look forward to watching Jefferson develop as a photographer and you can do just that by following his Instagram feed below. Feel free to leave a comment below letting us know what you think of his work.

Last modified: January 16, 2017

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