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We’re sure that many of you are familiar with the work of Spencer Witt and we were fortunate enough to feature him in our debut issue. Spencer’s determination has led to him becoming a fully established member of the Toy Photography community where he continues to create work to a very high standard. Take a look at what Spencer had to say when we featured him in issue 1 :

“My background in nature photography has spilled over unto my toy photography.  My style and my technique has developed and changed over time.  I like to recreate scenes from movies, or photos inspired from movies.  I also try to pose the figures in a way that creates some kind of emotion. 

I am inspired by other photographers to try new things with my photography, whether it be an action shot using fireworks and compressed air, black and white, or using nature as a backdrop. This type of photography has so much potential, whether it be ultra macro photography, to wide-screen nature landscapes. I am still developing my style and artistic direction, but I enjoy trying new things and pushing the boundaries with my photography.”

Find more of Spencer’s work by using the links below :



Last modified: November 26, 2016

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