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 At Exclu we always strive to bring industry engagement and interaction to the toy community and we were fortunate enough to strike a partnership with Beast Kingdom who are a  Taiwan based toy manufacturer who work with some of the most popular licenses on the planet.

 We wanted to bring about a change in the way that toy companies interact with photographers by engaging with them over their content as opposed to simply running competitions with no real artistic incentive. Our competition with Beast Kingdom set about to change this by allowing the winning artist to take photographs of their prize EggAttack figures in their own style and tone and then have those images showcased by both Exclu and Beast Kingdom in a way which engages more substantially then any usual give-away could.

We would like to thank Beast Kingdom for their support and enthusiasm from day one of our partnership and we look forward to continuing the change the landscape of company to artist engagements to create a richer and more professional environment that allows people to be recognised and showcased for their effort and passion. Be sure to visit Beast Kingdom’s site where you’ll find a whole range of stylise figures and models that really compliment artistic Toy Photography.

Check out Beast Kingdom socials below to stay up-to-date on all the latest product releases :

Last modified: January 16, 2017

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